Darachshire Tourney 1980

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Location: Darach
Date: 03/01/1980

Event Staff

  • Event Steward:

From the Crown Prints

All citizens of Caid are hereby invited to attend the Darach Tournament of Championship on 1 March XIV at Arroyo Verde Park. The park opens at 8 o'the clock. Opening Court will be at 10:30, with Lists opening at 11:30. The Revel will begin after Closing Court, and will be held at the manor of George of Glen Laurie.

Contests: Field costumes, armor, heraldry, chess; best poem, song, and/or story about Darach. Come practice chess for the Chess Tournament, or play your games with a chance to win prizes. At the Reveil will be a contest for the best Revel snack.


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