Crowns (Holdingford)

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The Holdingford Crowns
Status: Active
Artist(s): John ap Gwyndaf of Holdingford assisted by Rhiannon o Hafan Gath & Brianna la Franceise

The new crowns of Caid were created by Duke John ap Gwyndaf of Holdingford, assisted by THL Rhiannon o Hafan Gath & Mistress Brianna la Franceise in the year A.S. XXXVI during the reign of Ivan V and Ciar Lasse.

Ceremony of Introduction

The Holdingford Crowns were passed up through the hands of all the former royalty of caid to Their Royal Majesties. The text following was written and proclaimed by Baron Giles Hill at the Coronation of Alaric Sartiano and Kissa Irminwhit on June 2, A.S. XXXVI in the Shire of Wintermist, in the Kingdom of Caid:

"Now come before Your Majesties and Your people those who have held Caid as monarchs, bringing up new and splendid crowns, which shall be symbols of our land and people. As the newly made crowns pass from hand to hand, may they be embued with the knowledge and lore, the wisdom and experience, the tears and the joys of the many reigns which Caid has seen. Since the memory of man runneth not to the contrary, crowns have been the emblems of sovereignty; the symbol of the right and privilege of monarchs to rule. In this way do the crowns of Caid serve as the visible focus for the fealty of the populace to their lieges, and of those same monarchs to their people. Rich lapis lazuli, for the azure blue of the sea which marks our borders. Silver for the purity of the service which has blessed this land for many years. And purest gold, for the perfect love and perfect trust which bind a people to their sovereigns, and those sovereigns to their people. All these bound together in a dual union of honour and humility, for these royal circlets grace the brows of the first servants of Caid. Noble king, gracious queen, here are the crowns of Caid."

Photos of His Royal Majesty's Crown

Holdingfordcrown-hisrm-crescent.jpg Holdingfordcrown-hisrm-crown.jpg Holdingfordcrown-hisrm-dolphins.jpg Holdingfordcrown-hisrm-inscription.jpg Holdingfordcrown-hisrm-leaf.jpg Holdingfordcrown-hisrm-side.jpg

Photos of Her Royal Majesty's Crown

Holdingfordcrown-herrm-crescent detail.jpg Holdingfordcrown-herrm-fleur detail.jpg Holdingfordcrown-herrm-inscription detail.jpg Holdingfordcrown-herrm-oblique back.jpg Holdingfordcrown-herrm-oblique front.jpg Holdingfordcrown-herrm-rose detail.jpg

Photos of the construction

Holdingfordcrown-construction-1.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-2.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-3.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-4.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-5.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-6.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-7.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-8.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-9.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-10.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-11.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-12.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-13.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-14.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-15.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-16.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-17.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-18.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-19.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-20.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-bezelscelery.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-crowns.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-crownsanvil.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-dolphincresents.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-dolphinrose.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-dolphins.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-goldcrown.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-johncleaning.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-johndolphin.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-johndolphin2.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-rhiannoncrown.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-shop.jpg Holdingfordcrown-construction-silverbezels.jpg

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