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The Celidonis Crowns
Status: Active
Artist(s): Ambros Celidonis assisted by Igraine d'Abernon

Caid's second set of crowns were created by Master Ambros Celidonis during the first reign of Jason and Natalya. They are still in use if the monarchs choose to wear them. The Dolphin and Roses are gold, and the blue stones are sodalite, all set in sterling silver. Jason devised the inscriptions which continued to be used in subsequent crowns.

Ceremony of Introduction


First used during the reign of Jason and Natalya. Conrad von Regensburg, robed as a Roman Catholic Cardinal, stands in the pulpit behind TRM.

Photos of His Royal Majesty's Crown

Inside the King's crown is engraved "YOU RULE BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE"

2-celidonis.jpg 3-celidonis.jpg 4-celidonis.jpg

Photos of Her Royal Majesty's Crown

Inside the Queen's crown are the words "FOR LOVE HONOUR AND BEAUTY"

5-celidonis.jpg 6-celidonis.jpg 7-celidonis.jpg


From Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst

Their Majesties Gregory and Arianyn invited Natalya and myself to view the work being done for new Caidan Crowns. While reviewing the work, I mentioned to His Majesty that while nice, they were missing something, and I uttered the words for the King's Crown, and then the Queen's as suggestions. All in attendance liked the thoughts, and we all agreed that they should be inscribed into the inside of the headbands. (At the time I was 'into' short idealistic phrases that would convey beyond the norm [Victory Wrought With Honour], etc.)

We discussed sizing. I perhaps tried on the 'old' crowns, the brass ones, which led me to the statement of making them larger, or it may have been the new Crowns in an unfinished form--it's a bit fuzzy on that account; I just remember that I felt awkward and hesitant putting on the crown for a 'fit' before I had gone through the Ascension Ceremony since I was as I was only Crown Prince, and it felt odd to wear the Crown before my time; and then I mentioned to Ambros that he needed to make them larger since the King's Crown fit Gregory's oval head well enough, but only sat on top of my larger and flatter head--and I figured that it was easier to insert padding for smaller heads; but unfortunately, the were not made larger as subsequent wearers will attest--I don't know if it was beyond the point of altering the size, or not.

When the crowns were completed, they were presented at our stepping-down, and Adrian II and Ealasaid's stepping up on November 21, 1982. The Populace's reception was quite favorable when we received them.

With the new Caidan Crowns, an era ended for the original brass Crowns that had originally been used when Caid was a Principality and then when Armand and Diana were crowned with these "ancient" crowns, by Their Western Majesties Gregory and Bevin.

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