Court of Love 1976

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Location: Angels
Date: 05/09/1976

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

(Personal information omitted)
Tra la, it's May, the lusty month of May...

On May 9, there will be a Court of love held in the Barony of the Angels, in the Garden across the street from the San Fernando Mission.1 What is a Court of Love? Itis a very elegant, delightful way to spend an afternoon.

The Court will commence at 1:00pm with Princess Vivian Aurore de la Mer, Mistress Tyra Stewart of Moray, and Mistress Bjo of Griffin as judges. Cases should be in one of three categories:

  • Historical: (Example: Should Henry Norris have wiped his face with Anne Boleyn's handkerchief at the notorious May Day affaire?)
  • Hypothetical: (Example: How does a lady politely refuse the invitation of a gentle who ranks higher than she to go dally in the garden?)
  • Real (but in a VERY lighthearted vein): (Example: Will the Ghost of Fiona MacGregor finally get retribution from Lord Conrad von Regensburg?)

Cases should be typed up and sent to the autocrat, Lady Fiona MacGregor, before May 1, so that they can be reviewed by the judges and returned to the submitter for proper preparation and presentation. Following the Court, there will be a high tea, with all manner of assorted goodies and delicacies which are traditionally contributed by various members of the Principality. Liquid refreshment must be non-alcoholic (rule of the City of Los Angeles). Please notify Lady Fiona if you can bring something (cakes, pastries, little tea sandwiches--some of us have a real fondness for watercress, y'know--anything that is a medieval dainty of this sort.) After tea, there will be entertainment in the form of short presentations (playlets, as it were) with love and romance as themes; readings of poems (in English, please!); singing of songs, preferably melancholy love ballads or lighthearted risque but tasteful ditties. Then, because the gentlemen will have been so patient and have had to stand around in moderately gaudy clothes, been deprived of great draughts of their favorite beverage, and been asked to leave swords, shields, and various weapons at home, they will be allowed (nay, encouraged) to bash and thrash at an Anna Boleyna2 filled with all sorts of goodies.

The Garden is a lovely place full of herbs, flowers, and long shaded paths for walks, conversations, dalliances, etc. We aks that you wear elegant clothes as befits the occasion (not necessarily your 12th Night best if it weighs 18 tons, of course). Also, as it is Mother's Day, please invite your mothers to attend. Let Lady Fiona or Mistress Tyra know if you will need to rent a costume from Golden Key in enough time because we will not be trotting out the clothes rack on the actual day.

At present, we have one contest scheduled. His Highness Prince Gregory of York will judge a Strawberry Contest. Rules are: the award goes to the lady who most ably and elegantly dusts a strawberry with sugar and feeds it to His Highness. We can also have light games, such as Blind Man's Bluff, but nothing so strenuous as to cause us to become bedewed and glowy (you know what I mean!) Other contest or game suggestions should be sent to Lady Fiona before May 1. Happy a-maying!

  • 1 Now in the Barony of Altavia
  • 2 Basically, the Renaissance version of a piñata


  • Please feel free to add memories to this section.



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