Catrin ferch Dafydd

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Per pale azure and sable, in pale a bar and a rose palewise, slipped and leaved, argent
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Catrin ferch Dafydd was Crescent Principal Herald 11/1994-1/1996. She also has served as Keeper of the Order of Precedence. She has recently moved out-of-kingdom.

Early on, she was known as "Catrin Rhiannon d'Arc"

Offices & Positions

Projects & Publications


Image Preview Award Recipient
Catrinferchdavydd7.jpg Award of Arms Angus Turloc McClellan
Catrinferchdavydd3.jpg Award of Arms Casia Thessalonica apo Constantinopolios
Catrinferchdavydd10.jpg Award of Arms Elizabeth Scott of Berwick
Catrinferchdavydd11.jpg Award of Arms Morgaine FitzStephen
Catrinferchdavydd5.jpg Award of Arms Shawn of Stagira
Catrinferchdavydd1.jpg Award of Arms Stephanie of Garrow's Loch
Catrinferchdavydd2.jpg Award of Arms Wolfram von Dietzenbach
Catrinferchdavydd8.jpg County Ascelyn Schirleah
Catrinferchdavydd6.jpg Crescent Sword Ian Bruce MacRae
Catrinferchdavydd4.jpg Harp Argent Casia Thessalonica apo Constantinopolios
Catrinferchdavydd9.jpg Harp Argent Yvon Bater of Darkwood