Calafia Equestrian Championship 2011

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CalafiaEquestrianChampionship2011 023.JPG
Baron Oliver riding into Court on Stitch
Location: El Capitan Equestrian Center

Lakeside, CA

Date: 02/05/2011

Calafia Equestrian Championship

This was the first ever equestrian championship for the Barony of Calafia.

Event Staff

Steward: Tierrynna Caer Narvon and Reina MacCormick


From the Crown Prints

Please join the Equestrians of Calafia at our first Baronial Championship! Due to rain this event has been rescheduled from the original Nov 2010 date. On this day we invite all to come and display great pageantry with displays of banners and flags and lovely attire. This event shall be a grand spectacle to also draw the attention of any and all on lookers. ( Yes we are trying to recruit the locals!) Too further encourage the pageantry, we will sponsor a contest for the most eye catching display, the winner will receive a gift card to PF Changs. This can include your banners and flags, the trappings on your horse if you have one, and over all presentation. May the most Banners win! Do you want a really cool picture of you in your garb or Armor either with a horse or on one? Lord Ruslan and M’lord “Blue” will be on hand to get you that special SCA photo you’ve dreamt of, for a donation! There will be a lunch available for purchase for $7. Please dress warmly, but also be prepared for unseasonal heat, as the weather could be fickle. Equestrians- overnight Boarding is available. El Capitan Equestrian Ctr 12307 Willow Rd, Lakeside CA 92040 Also equestrians, please contact the Autocrat if you would like “Crash space” if you are traveling far and intend to stay overnight. We have locals that would love your company, or I can recommend a list of nearby hotels. **if you intend to bring a pavilion/day shade please notify the autocrat**


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