Calafia Anniversary 2007

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Caption Needed
Location: Calafia,

El Monte County Park

Date: 11/03/2007 - 11/04/2007

The event Stewards were Raven Schnackenburg and Deirdre Oilithreach.


  • Brief listing of major points of the day

From the Crown Prints

The Barony of Calafia cordially invites the good gentles of Caid to celebrate our anniversary at the lovely El Monte County Park on the week-end of November 3rd and 4th. Overnight camping! Enjoy the culinary delights of the Barony’s cooks. Heavy weapons and rapier tournaments. Archery. Youth combat. Youth activities. Contests! Merchants.

In keeping with the theme, Raiders from the Sea, cooks from throughout the Barony will present culinary delights based on the recipes the Sea Serpent’s Baronial Raiders have brought back from other climes. The annual Feast, $10, will be held in a heated pavilion. Feast seating is limited, and reservations are recommended. put feast reservations in the subject line.

Breakfast will be available on Sunday morning.

A contest will be held to honor the most authentic, period Sea Raider. Will this individual be Norse, Genovese, Elizabethan, from the Middle East, or from somewhere else entirely? This individual will not only look and act the part, he or she will also enthrall the judges with one story of a fearless exploit. (This is not a Johnny Depp look alike contest.)

A contest will be held for those gentles whose four-footed friend’s attire best compliments the garb of the gentle holding the leash. No fearless exploit required.

Schedule of the Day Sunday, November 4

  • Breakfast when the Breakfast Cooks get it together
  • Brigade Practice - time to be decided
  • 12:00 noon – Feast Hall dismantled
  • 3:00 p.m. Event Closed

The site fee is $5 for Saturday and $3 for Sunday. There is a $3 surcharge for non-members. Make checks payable to SCA inc./Barony of Calafia.

Merchants are encouraged and welcomed. There is no merchant fee. Contact the event stewards with merchant in the subject line, to reserve space.

Schedule of the Day: Saturday, November 3

  • 8:00 a.m. Site opens for set-up
  • 10:00 a.m. Opening Court
  • 15 minutes after Court closes, Lysts close, Fighting Commences
  • Approximately 12:00 Respite for sustenance, Period Pirate Contest
  • 5:00:00 p.m. Closing Court, Baronial Champions honored, Period Pirate Announced
  • 6:30 p.m. Baronial Feast

Feast Hall available when feast concludes for those spending the night without tents.

Youth Activities to be listed on Baronial Web site.


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