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This is a collection of trivia questions that can be answered by reading articles on this wiki. Click on "Answer" to navigate to an article which contains the answer to the question.

  1. Who first suggested the name "Caid"? Answer
  2. Why is it the populace responds, "...of happy memory" during the ceremony for the Dolphin award? Answer
  3. Who were the last Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Caid? Answer
  4. Who started Caid's first newsletter? Answer
  5. What is the name of the person most responsible for starting Compendium Caidis? Answer
  6. What knight finished second in seven concecutive Crown Tournaments before finally winning the crown? Answer
  7. Who was the youngest royal in SCA history? Answer
  8. Why is the regalia of the Vanguard of Honor orange and black? Answer