Caid Rapier Open 2006

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Location: Altavia
Date: 08/12/06

Calling all Rapier Combatants!

The Barony of Altavia welcomes one and all to beautiful Gabrieleno Park for the Caidan Kingdom Rapier Open on Saturday, August 12, 2006. This year, the rapier tournament will be fought as a modified Swiss 5 allowing rapier combatants to test one another's mettle and stamina to determine the Kingdom Rapier Champion.

As the day progresses, eric space will be available for melees and demonstrations.

Schedule of the Day

8:00 am Site opens 9:00 am Lists opens 10:00 am Opening court 11:00 am Tournament begins 5:00 pm Closing Court 8:00 pm Site closes

Day's Activities

Inkle Loom/Tablet Weaving Open Workshop

The clang of steel swords is music to the ears, as is the whir of weaving shuttles! The stone picnic benches at this site are perfect for bringing inkle looms and working on weaving projects. In addition to the Rapier event, we will be hosting an weaving play day. This is an Open Workshop to show off new work, to ask for help on a project, to get help warping up or to just sit in the shade and enjoy the company of other Weavers. Bring info and books on Inkle and Card weaving to share and discuss. If you want to teach, or to learn, a particular weaving process, please let Baroness Bridget know and we will bring together teachers and students.


Merchants are welcome, however the city of Los Angeles requires that each merchant pay them $100.00 and 15% of the gross profits. Should any merchant be interested please contact the Event Autocrat.

Dogs are allowed at the park but must remain leashed or in an enclosed pen at all times. Also, be aware that all Los Angeles parks require proof of license and current shots. Park personnel will check!

Adult member: $5 Adult non-member: $8 Child 4-12 years old: $3 Child 3 & under: Guest of the Barony for the day

Event Steward: Lady Meliora Deverel

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