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12th Night1979 Dreiburgen.jpg
Caid 12th Night 1979, From the Crown Prints, February, 1979, p.16
Location: Dreiburgen
Magnolia Presbyterian Church
and Buhr's Skylight room in Riverside, CA
Date: 01/13/1979

12th Night was held at the Magnolia Presbyterian Church in Dreiburgen (Riverside, CA) on January 13, 1979. The monarchs were Martin and Neptha.

Event Staff

Awards given

Leo and Rowena became Vicar and Vicaress of Dreiburgen

From the Crown Prints

This year's Twelfth Night celebration will be in the Barony of Dreiburgen, on Sat., Jan. 13, 1979. There will be a four course feast with a suitable mid-course break and a buffet dessert. As there will be only 200 tickets sold to the banquet, revel and dessert tickets will also be sold. You must bring all your own plates, silverware and goblets, soup bowls will be provided. Some beverages may be provided, bringing your own is recommended. The banquet hall is WET!!! The hall for Court is not! Plastic/paper place settings will be sold @ $1.00 for those who fail to bring their own. Plastic sacks will be available for dirty dishes, dishwashing facilities will not be.

Reservations are $6 for adults, $4 for persons under 12 and $2.50 for the dessert and revel only. Please do not bring very small children; there will be no babysitting! Only 200 banquet tickets will be sold and the absolute deadline is Jan. 2. Servers and those with special dietary needs should have already sent in their reservations. Checks should be made out to: TWELFTH NIGHT RESERVATION FUND, and sent to the Barony of Dreiburgen. Please enclose a SASE and your tickets will be mailed to you.For any questions about tickets, please call Lady Kyna.

Twelfth Night will be held in two different halls, less than one mile apart. Court will be held at Magnolia Presbyterian Church and the Banquet and Revel will be held at Buhr's Skylight room on Brocton Avenue. The church has plenty of room for dressing and socializing. The banquet hall is ours until cockcrow, (providing we clean it up). The schedule of Events is as follows:

  • 11:30 Church hall opens
  • 1 pm Court
  • 3:30 Seating begins at banquet hall
  • 4:00 Serving of first course begins
  • 7:30 Revel begins
  • 10:30 Dessert Buffet

Late: Revel Ends


1st Course: Bred and Honey, Freshe Fruyte in Tyme of Yeare, Tredure with Sippets
2nd Course: Rost of Beefe with Corans Sauce, Frumenty, Grene Beans Markheim, Appelmoyse
3rd Course: A Grand Sallet, Blankmangere, Khabis Caidis
4th Course: Grete Chyken Pyes, Fungus, Fruyte Relish

Those persons interested in entertaining, please contact Mistress Louise of Woodsholme As it is very possible we will be seating according to a seating plan for the banquet, please indicate on your reservation who you would like to be seated with. Those persons needing crash space &/or airport transportation, plase contact House Dunmore. For more information on any aspect of Twelfth Night, contact the Autocrat, Baroness Alison von Markheim anytime before midnight.

Twelfth Night Report

From the Crown Prints, February, 1979, pp. 16-17.

The day did dawn clear in the Barony of Dreiburgen for the festival of Twelvetide, and weather did portend well for a merry celebration. Our good King Martin and fair and gracious Queen Neptha were resplendent in robes of yellow velvet and truly did seem to carry a bit of the light of the sun into the hall where they held their court.

Court was held with an air of gaiety and goodly fun. Katherine Graybard of Sillenglen did receive an Award of Arms and Lady Catriona nicChlurain was elevated to the Order of the Pelican amid loud acclaim. Such worthy ladies to receive honours at the hands of their Majesties!

Then did King Martin create as Vicar and Vicaress a worthy Lord and Lady to head the Barony of the Angels until such time as a new Baron and Baroness could be appointed. Such an occasion did demand the utmost in solemnities and decorum. So, when our good King was presented with the script on a rather shabby bit of parchment, he held it aloft with a flourish. "You do not see this paper!" quoth he. Instantly, the offending paper vanished from our view, as our lord King did command. And thus were Damon of the Lake that Flames and his lady wife Mistral created Vicar and Vicaress for the Barony of the Angels.

Such solemnities over, King Martin did call before him the Baron and Baroness of Dreiburgen for to swear to him fealty that they had not done at Coronation. Such amusement it did cause when his Majesty's herald did drag the protesting Baron from the scullery and did present him in the most unseemly attire to the King's presence. They did laugh long and hard at the just until sobering for the oath-taking. They did provide such diverse entertainment for the populace as to enliven dreary court. Our worthy sovereigns are indeed well-served to have such heralds to also play the role of jester with such success!

Court being concluded, their Majesties gave the populace leave to depart, commending them to be merry and enjoy the festival and we did all retire to the banquet hall to partake in the feast. And such a feast! Nay, an event. An evening's entertainment for the palate. Each course in its turn was paraded before the populace for approval before presentation to the Royal Table. All were pleasing to the eye as well as the tongue, still the loudest acclaim was reserved for the roasted beef which received great and hungry cheers.

Many toast were offered and the worthy members of the Guild of Brewers did offer their goodly potables to allay the thirst of the populace. In good time, the grand sallet was offered with blancmange and those at the writers' table did make sure that all the serving bowls were empty so that the good servers would not have so heavy a load to convey back to the kitchen. Finally, the capon pye was offered to his Majesty with the arms of the Kingdom (long live Caid!) done cunningly in pastry sculpture on the crusted top. His Majesty was well pleased and the pye was served to the assemblage.

During the banquet, his Majesty desired music to aid his humours, so he did call forth the goodly Cedric the Dark to sing for him. Alas! Lord Cedric did not know the words to "Greensleeves," and a fool had need to stand behind him and whisper the words to him as he sang. But his Majesty as gracious and allowed Lord Cedric to sing an Aria from the opera, "Tannhauser," which he knew a good deal better. Then did King Martin command the worthy knight, Charles of Dublin, to entertain the company with the lay of Mary O'Meara. So sweetly did he sing that the populace fell silent to hear and did receive the song with great applause and stomping of boots upon the floor. Would that the good lord Cedrick an the worthy Sir Charles sing more often for the people of Caid!

And when at last the feasters could hold no more, the tables were cleared away with the energetic efforts of the chivalry of Caid and the revel began. King Martin summoned the assemblage before him and the Baron Waldt and Baroness Alison did sadly resign their offices amid much lamentation from the good folc of the great Barony of Dreiburgen. His Majesty did then appoint Lord Leo de Coronado and Lady Rowena de Segovia as Vicar and Vicaress of Dreiburgen, until such time as the new Baron and Baroness be found. Long live the Barony of Dreiburgen!

After that, singers did sing and a harper played upon a harp that was pleasing to the eye as well as to the ear. And there was dancing! Exotic dancers writhed to the timbre and more courtly dancers, no less enthused, did leap and caper until the very floor sounded as if the steeds of a thousand Mongols were thundering accrost it to wad the fair Barony of Dreiburgen.

Happily, howe'er, the sound was only a bransle, and soon the dance was over, allowing the dancers to refresh themselves with more wine and succulent ginger-bread and other sweets that appeared on talbes before them. Several good folc were honored for their finery at the various competitions, among them Viscount Sir Morven of Carrick and Countess Amina, and Lord Oberon who was awarded the prize for the most authentic habit.

Gramercy to the good and noble people of Dreiburgen for making the Twelvetide festivities as merry and fun as they were. Would that all his Majesty's commands were as easy to obey!


  • I remember when I got my arms. It was at the first 12th Night Feast, I think. Martin the Temperate had just been crowned, and I was working on an endless batch of Cornish pasties, and someone came in to the kitchen and insisted I get dressed for Court, so I did, protesting that the pasties wouldn't be done on time. I had no idea I was being awarded arms, and when my name was called, I had to walk down that long aisle of people and meet Waldt and Alison who were there with Martin and his Queen, Neptha. I thought I was going to pass out before I got there. I was stunned. And, of course, the first person to congratulate me and escort me from the royal dais was Duke Aonghais of later ill fame. Those were the days, those were. ~ Katherine Graybard of Sillenglen
  • I was a young man back then, and everything about this event excited me. I volunteered for anything and everything hoping to be a part of it. I was definitely Alison's gopher. Because the Church was hard to access, despite being on a major roadway, I, in full costume made by Alison, twirled a sign causing some entertaining reactions from both SCA and non-SCA alike. I stirred and served at the banquet. The food was good, very, very good, (important to a young guy). The Revel was unlike any party I'd ever been to. It was... exotic. We had several ladies who did Middle Eastern dancing (I think Lyndia of Woodlyn was one). I had never seen anything like it for beauty, grace and control. I was pulled up to dance with the dancers for a while, but I had no grace, but no one cared. This was one of my golden memories. ~ Eadwynne of Runedun


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