Bloody Harlequins

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BloodyHarlequins GWW2013.jpg
Bloody Harlequins and Blackrune at Great Western War 2013
Founded: 1991
Status: Active

Lozengy azure and argent, in saltire five gouttes de sang.

The Bloody Harlequins are a mercenary Warband originating in the Barony of Angels in the Kingdom of Caid.

The Warband was founded in 1991 by the original five harlequins: Robin Stryker Fortunatus, Cedric Myles Madoc, Wilhelm von dem See, Fabian Ricardo Cordon, and Matieu. Each of the blood drops on the Bloody Harlequin shields represent a member of the original five founders. These warriors originated from our father house, The Blackrune Free company. They later formed the Third Brigade of the Caidan Royal army, with units such as Blackrune Free Company, House Deterioatta, Fray and the White Aurochs.

The unit earned the award of Crossed Swords on 09/05/1999 from TRM Francesc and Seanach. The Bloody Harlequins still fight to this day in annual wars such as West-An Tir, Estrella and Potrero.