Baroness' Birthday Angels 1982

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Location: Angels
Date: 05/08/1982

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From the Crown Prints

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On May 8th the Barony of Angels will celebrate the birthday of Baroness Mistral de l'Isle sur Tarn. We will gather at Valley Plaza Recreation Center for a day of maypole dancing and games in the park; potluck luncheon, music, drama, and dancing in the hall.


  • 9:30 Site opens
  • 10:00 Opening Court
  • 10:30 Maypole Dancing
  • 11:00 Games List
  • 1:00 Potluck Luncheon
  • 2:00 Drama and Music Performances, Dancing
  • 5:00 Closing Court
  • 5:30 Site Closes

The Games List will be active outdoor games (see Known World Handbook) such as Jingling, Drop Glove, etc. This is your chance to win a lists without getting all scaly first. Ladies especially are encouraged to show their lords how to do it. There will be points award for each event with the overall winner to be announced at closing court.

The Baronial Costume Albums will be on display and we want to take the opportunity to add new costume photographs. Thereore those who so desire should wear their favorite costumes to be immortalized in photographs for the albums.

Following the event there will be a revel at the home of Roxane of Barnby Moor


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