Baron's Festival & Mini-Collegium 1980

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Location: Angels
Date: 08/02/19800

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From the Crown Prints

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Unto Citizens of Fair Caid, come Greetings from the Citizens of the Barony of the Angels. They beseech you to attend the Festival in honor of their Baron, to be held this 2nd day of Auust XV at Holy Trinity Church, 416 N. Garfield, in the city of Alhambra.

The Day will begin at tierce, that is nine of the clock. At ten our Lord Baron will hold Court on divers matters pertaining to all Angels folk. In the afternoon will be pageants, a collegium, and merriment for one and all. At suppertime a potluck feast for current and former Angels officials still residing in the Barony will be staged. In the even, there will be a delightful revel for all attending.


The Baron at the time was Damon of the Lake that Flames.


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