Barnsdall Park Tourney 1976

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Location: Angels
Date: 07/10/1976

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

(Personal information omitted)

There has been another new addition to our ever-changing calendar. On July 10 we have been asked to give a tourney for the Los Angeles County Performing Arts Festival in Barnsdall Park in Hollywood. there has been speculation that we could possibly be viewed by 3,000 people on that day so this must be one of the best tourneys that the Principality of Caid has hosted. For this reason we need ideas and volunteers for everything! We must submit a schedule of events to the director by May 1, so if you are willing to work or have an idea, please contact either myself, Lady Gabrielle, or Lady Fiona.

It is also necessary for anyone who thinks they will be going to contact us for parking passes. Otherwise, you will have to park at the bottom of the hill and carry all of your gear up to the top to set it up. We just need a head-count of cars that will be there so if you are riding with someone, have only one person call me.

Since this is a widely publicized event there will be many people interested in what type of demonstrations we can give. We need volunteers for demonstrations such as chainmail making, costume designing, heraldry, cooking, and any other demonstrations the populace can think of. We also need marshals, jesters, fools, banners, musicians, dancers, and people willing to explain what the SCA is. This will be a very good chance to recruit new members, but we need the help of everyone in the Principality. Better than average field costumes will give the added color that we need. Let us hear from you soon!--Lady Gabrielle


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