Atenveldt & West/Caid War

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Atenveldt & West/Caid War
Location: Atenveldt
Burro Creek Campground, Phoenix, AZ
Date: Feb 16 - 18, AS XIV (1980)

Also known as the Burro Creek War

Event Description From: The Page (January, 1980)


There will be a war between the forces of Atenveldt and the forces of the West and Caid at Burro Creek Campground in Arizona (the site of the last two such wars) on the President's Birthday Week-end, 16-18 February. Battle scenarios will be discussed in advance and three will be fought during the week-end. In addition, there will be a Battle of Champions. To accomodate artisans and craftspeople, there will be a "Merchants' Lane" set up for the display and sale of handiwork. The February Page will carry further details of plans, alliances, and other "nice-to-know" information. In the meantime, if you want to know more, write or call Count Denis of the Titans (contact info omitted).

From The Page (February, 1980):

This war will take place on the President's Birthday week-end at Burro Creek Canyon campground, the same site that has been used for the past two years. This is on Highway 93 ... The autocrats urge you to obtain an Arizona/California map to determine the best route from your particular area. Note that the I-10 route will have the best roads and the most available gas. Set-up will begin on Friday afternoon and the tavern should again be open by 9pm. The war will officially begin at opening court (a short one) no later than 10 am Saturday.

Three battle scenarios have been planned to avoid the delays and confusion we have experienced in the past. There will also be a seven class battle of champions and an archery competition, both for war points. It is the intention of the autocrats to have an arts competition for war points and there will be a merchant's row for SCA artists and craftspeople to display and sell their wares.

The camping area has running water and modern plumbing; there will be several mobile kitchens and a large tavern.

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