Arts and Sciences Fair and Pentathlon 2017

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Paul Fitz Denis wins Caid pent-2017.jpg
Paul Fitz Denis wins Arts and Sciences Fair and Pentathlon 2017, photo by Meave Douglass
Location: Al-Sahid
Schmidt Park
Date: 3/24-3/26/2017

Event Staff


Results Pentathlon 2017

From the Crown Prints

The Caid Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon is quickly approaching! We will once again host a weekend event dedicated to the arts of Caid. In addition to the arts fair activities, there will be fighting, camping, and a weekend of revelry to celebrate the artisans of our realm.

Art War! Site will open to the general populace at 3pm on the Friday of Pentathalon for camp set up. We need to be off site by 5pm Sunday. There will be fighting!! We will have 2 large fighting areas set up for Rapier, Armored and Unarmored as marshals become available. There will be a rapier melee on Saturday and a Pas for armored on Saturday afternoon. We will also have thrown weapons! So please come and support the artisans of our great kingdom and have get some great fighting in!

If you plan on entering the Arts Fair or Pentathlon, the competition handbook and judging sheets can be found on the Pentathlon website: There is also great discussion happening in the Pentathlon Facebook group – come join us!

Event Location: Schmidt Park: 13576 Mustang Road, Victorville, CA 92395

Camping will be available for those that wish to do so. The site will open at noon on Friday for camp set up. There are plenty of hotels within 15 minutes of site if you prefer not to camp (see list on

Registration information: (includes both events): Camping: Adult member $20, Adult non-member $25, Teen (13-17) $10, Children 12 and under are guests of the event.

Non-Camping: Adult member $7 for one day or $10 for the weekend. Adult non-member $12 for one day or $15 for the weekend. Teen (13-17) $3 for one day or $5 for the weekend. Children 12 and under are guests of the event.

Performances are open to the populace! All performance and persona presentation entries are open to the populace - please come and support the performers!

Entry Check-in Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon entrants must check in with the Entries Team before setting up their displays. Check in will be available before the set-up time blocks to allow plenty of time for check in. Entrants must be in garb with a site token before checking in. Team Leaders are responsible for checking in for their team.

Entrant Setup Information Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon entrants have a total of 1.5 hours to set up their displays for judging. Two set-up blocks are available – one on Friday evening and one on Saturday morning. There is no benefit to choosing one set-up block over another – entrants should choose the most convenient time.

Individual entrants are allowed one helper to assist with set up. Both the entrant and helper must be in garb, with a site token in hand before checking in and setting up. Team Leaders should coordinate their team’s entries to be set up during these times. All team members must be in garb, with a site token in hand, and use the same set-up block.

Culinary items (brewing and food entries) are not allowed in the judging area overnight. Entrants using Set up Block 1 will be able to set up the static portion of their entry Friday evening and then have up to 15 minutes Saturday morning to drop off the food or beverage portion. The 1.5 hour set up time limit still applies.

Display and People’s Choice Competition Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon entries (excluding culinary, brewing, and performance entries) will be on display for the populace Sunday morning and be eligible for the People’s Choice Competition. Culinary, brewing, and performance entrants may bring photographs, presentation displays, and/or self-sufficient recordings for the Display if they would like those entries included in the People’s Choice competition. Non-competitors may display one item.

Event Schedule – Overview

(A full schedule of competition timelines, including entry set up information, can be found at

Friday, March 24th – site opens at 3:00pm.

Saturday, March 25th – Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon Judging, heavy weapons and rapier fighting.

Sunday, March 26th – Arts & Sciences People’s Choice Competition, Court to announce Competition Results. Site closes at 2pm.

Competition Registration Deadline: Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Full details about the Competition can be found at


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