April Crown Tourney 1982

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Location: Isles
Date: 04/17/1982

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

(Personal information omitted)
The Ninth Caidan Crown Tournament will be held on April 17th A.S. XVI (1982) in the Shire of Isles (Santa Barbara). The site will be Tucker's Grove County Park (site of last year's Isles Anniversary Tourney.)

Schedule for the day

  • 9:00 am Setup
  • 10:00 am Opening Court; Lists open after court
  • 11:00 am Lists begin
  • 4:30 pm Closing Court; dinner break after court
  • 7:30 pm The Revel

Maps to the local restaurants, as well as to the Revel, will be available at the Tourney. The Revel will be a Bread-and-Cheese and Wine Revel, so bring your best of each. A donation of $2.50 will be accepted in lieu of edibles.

All fighters must have medical information forms on file with the Kingdom Medic Ambros Celidonis!

For housing arrangements, or for further information, call the Autocrat Lord Peter of the Golden Isles.

About the Park: Cooking is permitted at the park, as long as the fire is contained (e.g., hibachis and camp stoves). Portable restrooms are available, but there are no shower facilities.

Written directions and a map were included


(From Natalya de Foix: "You know how there's always a bit of scrambling before you head out for a big event? And that inevitable 'Oh sh. . . ' moment when you realize that you forgot something and you can't go back for it, or you'll be really late? Well, none of that happened the morning of April 17. The truck was packed perfectly the first time, nothing forgotten, no traffic. I remember that I couldn't watch the finals because I was so nervous, so what I heard was "Whack, whack, whack. Victory to Jason. Whack, whack, whack, followed by silence. Then a HUGE roar. It was amazing."


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