Anniversary In-Sand-Ity Tournament 2009

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Poll na Gainmhe 2009.jpg
Wheelbarrow races
Location: Imperial Valley College

Poll na Gainmhe, Calafia

Date: 01/31/2009

A beautifully sunny but cool Calafian day. There was much frivolity with silly betting. Eva De Castille was event steward.


From the Crown Prints

My Lords and Ladies! The time has come once again for us to celebrate our beloved Canton's anniversary. The lovely people of Pol Na Gainmhe invite the populace to join us! Come be a part of our In-Sand-Ity and join in our new and unusual festivities.

In the spirit of desert madness, we have prepared something new and crazy for everyone to enjoy. We warn that your sides will be splitting and that you may never contemplate a tournament the same again! Your coin for the day will be provided upon registry onsite. All fighters participating in the day’s special events will be given extra coin to play with.There will be a winner’s auction, and everyone will have the opportunity to take home a prize! All donations to the winner’s auction will be thanked with extra coin for the day. We will also be hosting a fabric exchange, so bring your extra yardage and trade it for something fresh and new!

As a change, we will be offering a fantastic luncheon in lieu of our evening feast. The cost is $5. If you have food allergies, please contact the Feast Steward, Dragon at All RSVP and other inquiries about the feast should go to the Event Steward, and must be in by January 20th, 2009. We will also be featuring desserts by Lady Raven! So please save some room for later!


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