Angels Melee Tourney 1985

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011985 Angels Melee 1.jpg
Melee battle
Location: Angels
Date: 01/19/1985

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

The baron is struck with confusion and even the baroness is slightly perplexed at these goings-on. Vas? What has happened to all these French-speaking Normans? Angels Melee Tourney, scheduled for January 19, has been usurped by GERMANS! That notorious worm-tongue, Herr Basil von Koln and his equally infamous pal, Stadler Sweihunder, volunteered to autocrat this tourney and have promptly put their own mark on the event.

Herrs und Fraus, Bitters und Dames, all are invited to attend the affair, with German games, a surfeit of Alemaine foodstuffs and a bellyfull of melee fighting for even the most fanatical. Mingle with noble Teutonic Knights, moaning Minnesingers, enticing Frauleins, sturdy burghers, respectable matrons and loud-mouth Landsknechts. Wild-eyed Goths, who struck fear into the Roman legionnaires, will make an appearance during the Melee.

The schedule is as follows:

  • 8:00 Setup
  • 9:30 Lists Open
  • 10:00 Opening Court
  • 11:30 Lists Close; Fighting Commences
  • 5:00 Closing Court
  • 6:30 Revel Site Opens
  • 12:00 Revel Concludes

Our baroness requests bards and poets come prepared to sing stirring love songs to her and the ladies of her Court (and note well, my Lords, some of these women are already preparing accusations for the next Court of Love--which Her Excellency has promised is coming soon) and His Excellency asks Minnesingers to bring songs of their journies and exploits in Outremer. Her Ladyship Anne de Villanova is bringing a section of Parzifal to read to His Excellency--who, since he knows his letters, could undoubtedly work his way through it...eventually.

The site, the same as November's Cavalier Tourney, is Granada Park in Alhambra. (Hand-drawn map was included in the article.)

Flyers with directions to the revel will be handed out during the day, or contact the autocrats for more information.

Lord Ioannes Leckie will be directly musical activities that evening with Allemandes and such, while Herr Basil may finally make his long-touted appearance playing the coronetto.


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