Angels Melee 2008

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Location: Angels
Date: 01/19/08

From the Crown Prints

The cold weather in Caid keeps our armor tucked away in warm places of rest, from the dread winter. A new year is upon Caid's most noble warriors and our Kingdom is at war! Angel's Melee is the traditional warm-up for Estrella War, and will happen on January 19th, 2008. The dread and ancient Barony of the Angels invites all army units, warbands, and solo fighters to participate. Once again at Angel's Melee, we shall have ARCHERY!

The set up for this year's melee shall be a bit more strict than it has been in the past, as there shall be limitations for pavilion space around the fighting eric. Pavilions are allowed on ONLY two sides of the eric being that the ends of the eric are left clear. There will be 30 feet of space between the eric ropes and pavilions. Guidance for placement and set-up of pavilions will be available on the morning of the melee, as priority will be given to royal, baronial, canton, and shire pavilions. Contact the event steward to reserve space for your group. Please arrive early!

We shall have a people’s choice Arts & Sciences competition based on the Estrella War catagories of Embroidery (Fibar Arts), Shoes and Games. The competition will be run by Lady Antoinette Rosaura de La Villaverde.

Pets are allowed, there easy access for the handicapped and are there play areas close by for children.

Event Steward: THL Tomaso da Barbiano Fighters: Lord Fabian Ricardo Cordon

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