Angels-Voyagers May Day Tourney

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Location: Angels
Tournament Park, Pasadena CA
Date: 05/03/1986

Event Staff

Event Steward (Autocrat): Lord Gershom ibn Zabara

From the Crown Prints

(Official event announcements sanitized to not involve personal information.)

Can't make it to the Twenty-Year Celebration? Come join the House of the Voyagers on May 3, A.S. XXI, for as pleasant a day on the greensward as a lord or lady could wish for. Our site is small but beautiful Tournament Park (Wilson Ave. and Cornell Rd.) in Pasadena. A planned potluck dinner, followed by a revel and bardic circle, will be held in the dining hall of Dabney dormitory on the Caltech campus.

  • For the fighters, we shall hold a heavy weapons "wounds retained" tournament.
  • For the amorous, there will be a dance around the May pole.
  • For the hungry, we will be selling roast turkey legs for lunch.
  • For the thirsty, the tourney and revel sites are both "DAMP" (beer & wine).
  • For everyone, we shall present an excerpt from Shakspeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Contests and workshops:

  • Body looting (yes, it's as interesting as it sounds)
  • Best "sour grapes" story of why you're not going to TYC
  • Most beautiful garland
  • Origami (Workshop & contest)
  • Leather tooling (Workshop & contest)
  • Court or country dance: learn during the day, enjoy with a friend at the revel

Judged at the revel:

  • Best dessert of May flowers
  • Best narrative ballad


  • 9 AM Setup
  • 10 AM Fighting, contests begin
  • 1 PM Maypole dance, break for lunch
  • 5 PM Fighting ends, contests close
  • 6 PM Adjourn to Dabney dining hall for supper & revel
  • 8 PM Midsummer Night's Dream
  • 11 PM Cleanup
  • 12 PM Hall closes

There will be a suggested donation of $2.00 at the revel. Persons wishing to bring a dish to the potluck, searching for crash space, or just plain curious should contact the autocrat: Gershom ibn Zabara


From the August XXI (1986) Crown Prints

On Saturday, May 3rd, the Household of the Voyagers (made up of the denizens who lurk about that famous College of Alchemy, the California Institute of Technology) celebrated the advent of A.S. XXI, and incidentally, May Day, in the aptly named Tournament Park. Numerous stay-at-homes from TYC plus a respectable number of locals attended this festive occasion, some coming from as far as Darach, Gyldenholt, and Altavia.

The day began with a tourney to determine who should be Queen of the May; this competition was eventually won by Sir Heinrich Palantine who promptly crowned his lady, Marika, Queen of Love and Beauty with a lovely floral garland. All this valor was observed with interest by the "royal Aardvarkian Representative," Cerberus, who was solemnly presented at opening court by the herald of the day, Lady Zenobia Naphtali.

The toothsome mid-day repast of barbecued turkey legs, fresh bread and butter, strawberries, and "bottomless" cups of lemonade was overseen by tourney autocrat Lord Gershom ibn Zabara. A truly gorgeous Maypole was provided by Mistress Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg and many were the brave souls who ventured forth to wind and kiss their way 'round it!

Classes and competitions were held through the day; the winners being:

Mistress Lavendar of Lorne taught the dance class and Daniel Briggs presented the origami lessons, and their labors were scarce over when the cry arose that the "royal representative" had been kidnapped! Last seen in the company of persons looking suspiciously like Erickson Blackrune/Yaroslav the Persistent, this august personage was recover'd, somewhat disgruntled, from a tree--at least he'd been left in a "high" place.

A smaller company repair to Winnett lounge to feast on a potluck dinner and view the entertainment, the lovers' quarrel from A Midsummer Night's Dream, which featured Mistress Lavendar of Lorne, Michael Petterson, Stephen Walton, and revel autocrat Pamela Walton doing their best to destroy each others' dignity on prudently borrowed wrestling mats.

Sir Heinrich Palantine and Lady Kaarna of the Amethyst led off the bardic circle after everyone had wearied of dancing, and all departed for home well-satisfied with their day--especially the Household of the Voyagers who paid off all their expenses and made a profit. Special thanks go to Lady Kaarna of the Amethyst, Frank Mills, Craig Bateman, Amy Carpenter (Lady Alys Meghan Cattewynne), and Joe Beckenbach, all of whom assisted beyond the call of duty and made the first tourney hosted by the Household of the Voyagers a success--and the beginning of a very good year.

Article written by Mistress Lavendar of Lorne


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