Angels-Altavia Yule 2007

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Location: Altavia and Angels
Date: 12/08/07

The Red and the Green
Angels-Altavia Yule 2007

December 8, 2007

From the Crown Prints

The Barony of the Angels and the Barony of Altavia have combined efforts and talents to create a unique Yule and we invite everyone to enjoy the evening with us! No matter what your beliefs are, there is a certain festiveness and magic to the holiday season with the lights and scents and music, whether we are celebrating the Common Era or several centuries ago. Pre-register soon, as the hall seats only 150 people, and based on last year, we’ll sell out. Reservation deadline: Dec. 1, 2007.

SITE: Throop Memorial Church 300 S. Los Robles Pasadena, CA, 91101

Throop Memorial Church is at the corner of Los Robles and Del Mar with easy access from the 210 Freeway. The vaulted hall accommodates 150 for the served feast and 200 for dancing, plus a stage for bardic performances, and a sitting area to enjoy chatting with old and new friends.

Registration form can be found in the Yule Discussion List files, or email Maestra Flavia at to have one emailed directly to you.

The Feast

YULE FEAST: Yule Feast will be served family style (not buffet) starting at 5:30 pm, ending at 7 pm. Sorry, no room for off-board dining but a restaurant map will be available. Non-alcoholic beverages, including the Coffee Bar of Splendor, served throughout the evening. Feasters may bring beer, wine and mead but no hard liquor allowed. Please provide your own flatware, dinnerware, table linens including napkins, and goblets, as none will be provided at the site. It doesn’t have to be “period” – just functional! A full ingredients list will soon be posted in the Yule Discussion List files.


  • First Remove: Tossed green sallat with two dressings served on the side.
  • Second Remove prepared by Lady Cathelina delle Vigne (formerly Lady Cate the Just):
    • Oven-roasted free-range turkey breast ‘lightly seasoned to perfection,’ with tasty turkey gravy on the side
    • Savory cornbread dressing with caramelized onions and a harvest medley of vegetables
    • Pan-braised mushrooms and tangy cranberry compote
  • Palate-cleanser: Caprese salad of cucumbers and tomatoes in a delicate balsamic vinaigrette marinade
  • Third Remove prepared by Lady Katerina Magdalena Stoianovna:
    • Bout-de-côtes à la Béarnaise (Beef tips with Béarnaise sauce)
    • Soufflé de pommes de terre (Potato Puffs)
    • Steamed Vegetables in a light butter and garlic sauce (Broccoli, onions and cauliflower)

Kitchen Help: Lady Katerina and Lady Cathelina need workers willing to clean up; please volunteer directly to Lady Katerina

Feast Servers: Hall table servers can volunteer to Viscountess Lorissa du Griffin

Table Decorations Contests sponsored by Lady Vivienne de Lampérièreand the Alliance of Households for Best Theme Colors Table Décor, Best Overall Table Decoration and Best Single Service. Candles allowed, but flame must be below edge of container.

Washing Up: There are no facilities for cleaning personal dinnerware, so plan to take dirty dishes home. Plastic bags will be supplied. Please do NOT use the restroom sinks to wash anything but hands and faces.

Revel and Contests

DESSERT and DANCE REVEL: The Feast fee includes the revel, which will start at 8 pm and go to 11 pm. Those attending only the Dessert/Dance Revel will pay a fee at the door. We encourage Revel pre-registration due to limited hall space.

Dessert and Subtlety Contests: Bring a potluck dessert to share. Get out your favorite recipes and contribute a tasty dish for prizes! Edible desserts must include typed or well-printed full ingredient list: not just ‘nuts’ or ‘flour’ but what kind of nuts or flour, etc. Due to lack of hall and kitchen storage space, all foods that need refrigeration must be brought in their own chilled storage (i.e., ice chest) until time to set up for the Dessert Revel.

•Most Beautiful Dessert, Populace Vote sponsored by Lady Catharine Hawkwod and Lord Tomaso da Barbarino •Best Dessert using Red, Green, Gold and Silver (in any combination) sponsored by Griffin Freehold •Most Beautiful Subtlety (not necessarily edible) – need a sponsor •Most Interesting Subtlety (not necessarily edible) sponsored by Lord Sigvaldr Hauksson


Toys for Tots Challenge: THL Justina Marie of Burgundy challenges every Yule attendee to help fill her van to the ceiling with unwrapped new toys for children of any age. Each Barony will be credited for donations.

Contests: Dame Selene Colfox is coordinating Yule contests so contact her to sponsor one. A few contests need pre-planning, such as the desserts and garb contests. The latter is for Best Use of Red and Green; Best Use of Gold and Silver; Best Combination of the Four Colors. Anyone coming in the Yule door is automatically entered in the Yule Garb contest!

Raffles: Contact Dame Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios to donate single items or whole themed baskets with your name displayed on the donation.

Entertainment: The Occasional Consort will sing and Countess Ealasaid nic Chlurain will lead us in dance. The Crimson Spade will provide a variety of games, and host the Altavia Chess Championship tournament.

PRESENTATIONS: The celebration of Baron Jason’s birthday will occur during the feast. There will be no official gift exchange but feel free to bring personal gifts for friends. If you wish to make a presentation to any of the Barons or Baronesses, get on the list by contacting Baron Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux

Event Stewards: Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani & Lord Sigvaldr Hauksson

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