Altavia Anniversary 2004

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Location: Altavia
Date: 5/8/2004

From the Crown Prints

MAY 8TH 2004

The Barony of Altavia extends an invitation to the populace to come join us in celebrating our Anniversary. This is the time to select our Champions! There will be plenty of opportunities to impress the cheering throng with your prowess and chivalry on the field. Lists for Heavy Weapons, Rapier , Equestrian, Chess and Youth (and if approved Unarmored) will be held. This day is not only for those that chose to compete to be a champion but also for those that enjoy the arts and sciences.

The equestrian tournament shall consist of a first round of mounted challenges, to include tilting at the rings, beheading the enemy, pigsticking, tilting at the quintain, and javelin throwing. Participants can earn additional points in the first round of the equestrian tournament by the display of period horse barding. The top contenders after the first round shall then compete for honor of being Champion.

Equestrian activities in Altavia and throughout the Kingdom of Caid will be highlighted through demonstrations and discussion with the populace. Mounted combat, the new experimental jousting form and the tournament’s challenges will be displayed following opening court prior to the start of the tournament.

The youth pavilion will offer a safe gathering placewith a selection of amusements, such as the making of hobby horses and edible jewelry, pin the tail on the unicorn and a relay race on hobby horses. Children who have their own hobby horses are encouraged to bring them. Fighters and non-fighters are invited to try their skill at ring tilt. Mistress AElfwyn, KMoC, is looking for helpers who will volunteer one hour in the pavilion. Upon the boffer field, there will be the familiar boffer fighting under the leadership of The Honorable Lady Bridget. The winner upon the field shall be our baronial boffer champion.

Merchants are welcome however the city of Los Angeles requires that each merchant pay them $100. Should any merchant be interested please contact one of the event stewards.

Schedule of the Day

7 am Site opens
8 am List open
10 am Opening Court
7:30 pm Site closes

Site Fee

$6 per Adult member $9 per Adult non-member $3 per child 4 – 12 years old Children three and under are guests of the Barony for the day. Please make checks payable to: “SCA, Inc./ Barony of Altavia”


Gabrillino Park, 11130 Orcas Avenue Lakeview Terrace, CA


Take you favorite route to the 210 freeway between Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley.

Heading East: take the 210-E to Osbourne St. Turn left at the bottom of the ramp (onto Foothill Blvd.) Follow Foothill Blvd. For just under a mile. Turn Right onto Orcas St. it will lead you straight to the park

Heading west: take the 210-W to Osbourne St. Turn right at the bottom of the ramp (onto Foothill Blvd.) Follow Foothill Blvd. For just under a mile. Turn Right onto Orcas St. it will lead you straight to the park

Event Stewards

Sorcha inghean mhic an Ghabhann and John Morgan of Caerleon

A&S Steward

Berengere d’Acre

Equestrian Steward

Katherine de Whitacre



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