Academia Draconis 2023

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Academia Draconis 2023
Location: Rancho Jurupa Regional Park
Date: 03/10-12/2023

Event Staff

Steward: Fiammetta Cesareo


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From the Dreiburgen News

Unto the Populace of Caid; An ominous foe from our past has been reemerged. The serpent known to our ancestors as the dreaded Gorgonoth has been awoken from its slumber deep underneath Mount San Jacinto and has beseeched our lands. We know well the might of this beast and fear it may take more than Dreiburgen’s levies can muster to stop it. Even if we all band together, we must still prepare ourselves to face such a formidable creature. To this end, we declare that Dreiburgen will host a Collegium of War, known as Academia Draconis.

For more on this evolving story, please follow the Dreiburgen Wiki.

Academia Draconis will be a camping event, held March 10-12th, 2023, at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park. The goal of this event is to provide practical training on the battlefield and personal development for chivalry and defense.

This will be a weekend of combat and non-combat classes and discussions, melee combat & drills, tournaments, a pick-up field, revelry and more.

Location: Rancho Jurupa Regional Park, 4800 Crestmore Rd, Riverside, CA 92509 Directions:

Entry information: The park typically has an entry fee, but we will be collecting it as part of your site fee, so please let the rangers at the gate know that you are with the SCA, and you should be allowed to enter without payment. The park gate is closed between 10pm and 7am, there is no entry into the park during these hours. If you are arriving in the evening, please plan to be in the park before 10pm! Pets on leash are permitted. Leash length not to exceed 6 feet. Alcohol is permitted in the park. Fire pits are permitted but must be elevated above the ground. Ground-level fires are not permitted.

RV camping is permitted only in the park’s designated RV camping area, a short walk from the Academia Draconis site. A separate RV camping reservation is required.

Registration Information: To pre-register, please visit our website -

  • Adult overnight registration: $35
  • Adult member discount overnight registration: $30
  • Adult single-day registration (must leave the site by 10pm): $20
  • Adult member single-day registration (must leave site by 10pm): $15
  • Youths under 17 years of age are welcome as guests of the barony, free of charge
  • Merchants: for information on vending at the event, please email the Event Steward

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