1st Canton Tournament 1975

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Location: , CA
Date: 07/20/1975

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From the Crown Prints

The first Lyonesse Tourney, on July 20, was a great success: Parks & City officials were present, becoming quite impressed with the show & pageantry. More people than even before tried out for the contests:

  • an embroidery (on the spot, free-hand) competition
  • heraldic drawing
  • chain-mail making contest (where it was announced that not too many pieces will have to be redone before they can be usable!)

The well-run event is due to the total cooperation of the entire Canton, under the leadership of their Seneschale, Lady Gabrielle nicChlurain, with the assistance of Morven of Carrick. The grand champion of the Tourney was Prince Thomas the Merciless, who appointed Ian of Lancaster as acting Principality Constable during the closing court ceremonies. John ap Griffin was presented with a VERY special Herald's staff by a grateful (??) group of fighters, for his field heralding: a candy-striped water-toy with a Donald Duck head & a small bike horn. The spiked end will come in handy to help clean up the field after Tourneys, as well as be useful in getting a fighter's attention, if necessary. . .

Lady Gabrielle nicChlurain would like to thank all the people who helped make the day such a fine & fun one, with especially thanks to House Opal Cross for the large celebration cake decorated with knights & a ballista!

(Official event announcement has been sanitized to remove personal information.)


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