St. Geronimus Tournament 1986

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Location: Dreiburgen
Hunt Park in Riverside
Date: 03/22/1986

Event Staff

The autocrat listed in the Crown Prints for this event was Duncan Brock of Greyfeather. The Baronial Seneschal Lord Elgil Mardil of Dor-Mallos took over as event steward and called upon his House Hold, House Drachenstern to staff the event.


There were 12 fighters in the lists.

From the Crown Prints

Saint Geronimus Tournament

There once was a Saint named Geronimus Whose name has become quite synonymous With fevers unjust And nasal disgust His saint-day will soon be upon us!

On March 22, ASXX, let all come to Hunt Park in Dreiburgen (Riverside), to celebrate Dreiburgen’s patron saint, Geronimus.

For fighters, there will be a double elimination list (with fighters being sold before the commencement of the lists), and the traditional Nose Melee (no shields).

For the sundrey rest, there will be fighters to purchase (the owner will receive a prize), arts and crafts to bid on (donations Welcome!), delicious baked goods to buy, and various contests. For example, best costume design for Saint Geronimus -- (costume must include a handkerchief), paper and quills will be available. Best design for a needlework “D”. Best recipe for a “Posset” (herbal concoction) to alleviate “Spring Fever” -- just the recipe and explanation of why you used those ingredients. Best Miracle Saint Geronimus preformed for you in the last year.

Set up is 8:00, Lists open at 9:00. Court is theoretically at 10:00, and the rest of the day is typically Dreiburgen.


Due to existing threats or war, your safe conduct notes will be registered. Please see the Dreiburgen Constable upon your arrival at the site (for your own safety, of course!)


The evening revel hosted at House Hawkhaven. There will be a Tavern, a Bardic Circle, and fun all.


Heavy Weapons double elimination list.


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From Baron Malcolm Alberic

What I remember most about this event was the last minute scramble to make the event happen. On the Friday evening before the event I received a phone call from the baronial Seneschal. He informed me that he had not heard from the Autocrat in some time and was unable to get in touch with him. He had been calling around all evening and had discovered that no arrangements had been made and no one had been assigned to bring any baronial regalia including the eric and the baronial pavilion. Could he count my help?! Fortunately Hunt Park did not require any reservations. We were able to throw together a nice event and we all had fun. Our Seneschal was going to have a few words with the Autocrat the day of the event, but he never showed up.


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