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In order to differentiate between monarchs with the same name, it is customary to assign Regnal Numbers in the order of Their reigns. Unlike the 'real world', the Society's monarchs may number several reigns during Their single lifetimes... and this fact gave rise to the numbering of reigns, rather than individuals.

Exemplia gratia: Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst has three times reigned in Caid. During his first reign, he is refered to as "King Jason"; not "Jason I", as there was no assurance that there would be another Jason as King of Caid. During his second reign, he was correctly referred to as "Jason II", and during the third as "Jason III".

Jason, Jason II, and Jason III are the same person. What would have happened when John ap Gwyndaff of Holdingford had used his birth name (which happens to be Jason) as his Society name? He would have been Jason IV. (There once was a practice, happily fallen into disuse, of ordering different monarchs of the same name with the addition of "Part" to Their regnal number; in the example above, John would have been Jason I, Part II.)

Consorts (in the real world), regardless of the number of times they have reigned, are not numbered; Henry VIII Tudor was married to (first) Catherine of Aragon, Catherine Howard (his fifth wife) and Catherine Parr (sixth, and last). None of those ladies (or Catharine de Valois, who was married to Henry V --and Henry VIII's grandmama-- or Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II Stuart) had regnal numbers.

There is no accepted practice in the Society regarding numbering consorts; some do, some don't.

-Written by Giles Hill

On the Wiki

The wiki follows the regnal numbers structure outlined at

Each King and Queen on their first reign is simply called by their name (i.e. Jason and Natalya). On their second reign is when they gain the regnal number (i.e. Jason II and Natalya II). The only time you will see variation on this, is if the former royalty was also a landed baron and baroness. This is because the wiki only allows one set of names (i.e. you'll see Guillaume and Felinah Baronage and Guillaume I and Felinah I - while the Guillaume and Felinah page is a page that point to both possible names.)

No matter the case of multiple name Kings/Queen's (i.e. Edward Ian Anderson and Edward Senestre), they are still considered the first when they reign. Edward and Ilaria, Edward and Mora, Edward II and Mora II.

If a person has reigned in another Kingdom, their number is still incremented here. Tomüki first reigned in Calontir, and his second reign was in Caid, but his reign is referred to as Tomüki II and Luciana.

Numbers also increment even if the royal pair has never before reigned together. Dietrich's third reign was with Adriana (who he had not reigned with before), and Adriana's second reign was with Dietrich (who she had not reigned with before), and yet they are still Dietrich III and Adriana II.

-Written by Kolfinna kottr