Edward and Mora

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Edward and Mora at their Coronation.
In the background are Su of the Silver Horn as Dolphin Herald, and behind her Christiaen de Groote, kingdom chronicler.
Sovereign: Edward Senestre
Consort: Mora de Buchanan
Caid Crown #: 61
Preceded by: Edric V and Faizeh II
Succeeded by: Sven II and Kolfinna II

Their Majesties, Edward and Mora, the sixty-first King and Queen of Caid reigned 06/07/2008-11/08/2008.


Changing the youth awards. The Acorn went from an overall youth award to a youth service award. The Golden Flame (later renamed Order of the Aurora Caidis) was added as a youth A&S award and the Shining Star was added as a youth combat award with specific focus on chivalry.


1100-1157 Norman



Date Event Notes
4/12/2008 Crown Tourney
4/19 Heatherwyne Anniversary & Defender of the Children
4/26 Mons Draconis Anniversary
5/3 Summergate Anniversary
5/10 Altavia Anniversary
5/22-5/26 Potrero War
6/7 Coronation
6/8 Queen's Champion
6/14 Gyldenholt Anniversary
6/22 Queen's Champion Equestrian
6/28 CP Prize
7/4-7/6 West / An Tir War
7/12 Summer Arts / Festival of the Rose
7/19 Lyondemere Anniversary
7/20 Pelican's Meeting
7/25-8/10 Pennsic War 2008
8/16 St. Corrigans
8/23 Crown
8/24 Privy Council
8/29-8/31 Highland War
9/6 Caid Rapier Open
9/13 Angels Anniversary
9/20-9/21 Collegium
Great Western War
10/18-19 Estrella Treaty
10/19 Agincourt
10/25 Dreiburgen Anniversary
11/1-2 Valley Azure, Western Seas
11/8 Coronation

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