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Barony of Naevehjem
Naevehjem shield.png
Quarterly argent ermined gules and sable, in bend sinister two annulets Or, a laurel wreath vert overall
Founded: November 16 1991
Modern Location: Centered around Ridgecrest, CA; includes the Owens Valley

Naevehjem is ruled by Their Excellencies Rudolph Fekter and Amicia Sennet de Bruges.


Meaning: Danish for “Fist home”

Heraldic officer's title: Moucheture The herald's title is from an old word for ermine tail, which is a part of the armory of the barony.


  • Dragon's Wing - for service to the Barony
  • Dragon's Gem - for arts and sciences activities
  • Dragon's Foot - for martial arts
  • Dragon's Blaze - Baron/ess personal award
  • Elite Guard - for fighting in tourneys and wars outside the Barony
  • Dragon's Scale - youth arts and sciences

Newsletter: Fistholme Flyer

Fighting Unit(s):

Territories of Naevehjem


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