Dragon's Blaze

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Purpure, on a plate within an annulet Or, an ermine spot gules.
Award Information
Type: Baronial Honor
Founded: February 1994 by Wulfhere Slående Falk and Scannlach Faolscátha
Premiere(s): John Garr
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

Naevehjem's Baronial Recognition of Honor for those who have shown high dedication and service to the Barony.


Date Name(s)
1994-03-19 John Garr
1995-03-18 Anne of Crowhurst
1996-04-13 Marina Zanne
1997-08-09 Ishmael of the Wells
1997-10-25 Katherine of Anglesey, Thomas Blackkeep
1997-11-08 `Afra' bint Tamir al-Sahrahwayyiah, Francesco Schiavone
1998-08-22 Scannlach Faolscátha
1998-11-14 Anne of Crowhurst (Augmentation)
2001-11-03 Anne of Crowhurst (Augmentation)
2002-11-09 Gregory of Saint Albans
2004-08-28 Áine inghean Uilliam, Amicia Sennet de Bruges, Belinda of Emeric, Deodonatus Cervarius, Igor' L'vov, Ishmael of the Wells (Augmentation), James of the Lake, Katherine of Anglesey (Augmentation), Liam MacIan of the Bloody Foreland, Marina Zanne (Augmentation), Peter of Dun Calma, Rudolf Fekter, Sieglinde von der Hohenwüste, Thomas Blackkeep (Augmentation), Valentina la Valente
2010-11-20 Belinda of Emeric (Augmentation), Deodonatus Cervarius (Augmentation), Eularia d'Amboise, Katherine of Anglesey (Augmentation), Muirgheal inghean Sheumais
2012-11-17 Katherine of Anglesey (Augmentation)
2017-11-11 Gregory Morgan (Augmentation)
2018-11-10 Amicia Sennet de Bruges (Augmentation), Bríg inghean Uatéir, Godfrey Spelman of Hexham, Gregory Morgan (Augmentation), Jóra Flókadóttir, Muirgheal inghean Sheumais (Augmentation), Rudolf Fekter (Augmentation)
2019-11-09 Catherine Adrienne de Steele, Godfrey Spelman of Hexham (Augmentation)