Dragon's Foot

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Gules, on a plate within an annulet Or, an ermine spot gules.
Award Information
Type: Baronial Honor
Founded: February 1994 by Wulfhere Slående Falk and Scannlach Faolscátha
Premiere(s): Donald Cathchern, Johannes von Bern, and Thomas Blackkeep
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

Naevehjem's Baronial Award given for excellence in the field of combat and ranged weaponry.


Date Name(s)
1992-11-14 Donald Cathchern (Armored Combat), Johannes von Bern (Armored Combat), Thomas Blackkeep (Armored Combat)
1993-08-14 Llewellyn Flinthaven (Armored Combat)
1993-11-13 Llewellyn Flinthaven, Medhbh Eithne O'Maille
1994-03-19 Llewellyn Flinthaven (War Leadership), Torgan Mongke (Armored Combat)
1994-08-06 Thomas Blackkeep (Target Archery)
1994-11-12 John Garr (Target Archery)
1995-03-18 Connor Thornhill (Armored Combat)
1995-08-12 James of the Lake (Target Archery), Red William Beazliegh (Target Archery), Talan Gwyn Aderyn (Target Archery), Thorfinn Asleifsson the Solemn (Target Archery)
1995-11-11 Dmitrii Andreevich Cheglakov (Target Archery)
1996-11-09 Llewellyn Flinthaven (Crossbow Archery), Theoddegn Bloodaxe (War Leadership)
1997-03-08 Gregory Morgan (Armored Combat), Torgan Mongke (War Leadership)
1997-10-25 John Garr (Rapier)
1997-11-08 Dmitrii Andreevich Cheglakov (Rapier)
1998-04-04 Wynne Snowmane of Ravens Keep (Armored Combat)
1998-08-22 Gregory Morgan (War Fighting)
1998-11-14 Muirgheal inghean Sheumais (Target Archery)
1999-03-20 Focarta Faolmear (Shinai Fighting), Gabriel of Naevehjem (Shinai Fighting), Greylond Winter (Shinai Fighting)
1999-10-30 Rudolph Fekter (Armored Combat)
2001-11-03 Scannlach Faolscátha (Armored Combat Marshalling)
2002-03-02 Ishmael of the Wells (Archery)
2002-11-09 Gregory Falconstaff (Shinai), Wojo of Naevehjem (Shinai)
2007-11-17 Rudolph Fekter (Armored Combat, Leadership)
2012-11-17 Oddbjorn kápa
2018-11-10 Bríg inghean Uatéir (Target Archery), Friderich Vockenhoffer (Thrown Weapons), Liam MacIan of the Bloody Foreland (Armored Combat), Oddbjorn kápa (Armored Combat), Reinhard von den Hasen (Armored Combat)
2019-11-09 Bríg inghean Uatéir (Augmentation, Rapier Combat), Katherine of Anglesey (Target Archery)