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If you have any photos from this event, please contact THL [[Valdis Isbrandsdottir]]
If you have any photos from this event, please contact the [mailto:wiki@caid-commons.org Wiki Administrator] at [mailto:wiki@caid-commons.org wiki@caid-commons.org]

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Location: Angels

Tournament Park, Pasadena

Date: 04/29/1989

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

The College of the Voyagers (Yes, the group that reintroduced Body-Looting contests to mainland Caid & invented Cloved-Lemon Tag. . . and somehow got ourselves chartered as an official SCA branch anyway!) will once more be celebrating Springtime with the 4th Annual (God's Teeth! We've been doing it that long?!?) May Day Tournament & Revel on Saturday, Apr. 29.

Schedule for the day:

  • 8:30 a.m.: Park opens for set-up
  • 9 a.m.: Lists open
  • 10 a.m.: Opening Court. Lists close 1/2 hr. after the end of Court.
  • Closing court: sometime before dark
  • 5:30 p.m.: Revel hall opens up for set-up
  • 7 p.m.: Banquet begins
  • 11:30 p.m.: Clean-up. Hall closes at midnight.

The Contests & events of the day include

  • Hat Toss (aka "Voyagers Tudor Frisbee")
  • Maypole dancing
  • Favor/Token identification
  • Baronial Oliphaunt Sale
  • The Infamous "Body Looting" contest (ask someone who was there last year . . .)

We will also repeat our popular Turkey Legs lunch and "bottomless cup" lemonade.

Evening events include a potluck banquet, madrigal music by the Occasional Consort, Cloved Lemon Tag, dancing, and similar diversions.

Potluck contributions are by mundane last name; bring 4-6 servings/person. If you need cooking facilities, please contact the Autocrats. Even if you don't cook, you can get anything from drinks to whole roast chickens (hot & ready to eat), within minutes of our site, so you have no excuse to miss the potluck feast!

  • A-E bring Breads & spread or cheese
  • F-L bring a Main dish
  • M-K bring Veggies or Salads
  • S-Z bring Fruit or Dessert

Argent Oliphaunt Sale !!! Time to clear your closet, and help support our Barony at the same time! Bring anything you want to sell the garb you haven't worn in over a year, the feast gear you got before you moved up to pewter, the old sunshade, the mathoms you've been swapping with everyone else in the Barony for the last ten Yuletide gift exchanges. Someone out there does want that fabric that was 50 cents a yard but the wrong blue for you, or the trim that looks Byzantine when your persona's Tudor. We ask that 30% of the price (or more if you wish) be tithed to the Baronial coffers. Look for us at the Sign of the Argent Oliphaunt, or contact Lady Alys Meghan Cattewynne.

Our site is Tournament Park, at Caltech in Pasadena. From the California Bl. entrance, it's behind the Tech athletic fields & Gym; go to the back of the parking lot & look for a little gate. There is also parking at the Wilson Street end of the park. Pavillion space is limited; to be assured a spot, please call the Autocrats & reserve. Call Lord Phelan of Penguinroost for pavilion space reservations only. First consideration will be given to royal & baronial pavillions; otherwise, reservations will be on a 'first come, first served' basis. There is also ample shade available.

For further information, contact the Autocrats.

The May Tourney is an official event of the Barony of the Angels, hosted by the House of the Voyagers.


Chronicle: "May Day Tourney Draws Crowds"
Just prior to the New Year, on the 29th April AS XXIII, the College of the Voyagers held their fourth annual May Day Tourney -- and event that was blessed with temperate weather, no injuries, and much good fellowship. The herald, Lord Flavius Valerius Verus,conducted opening court for Their Majesties who made uses of the opportunity to bestow Awards of Arms on Alexander Baird, Astone Blackadder of Broughton, Beoir ap Bann, Thanasia Lieglocc, and James Rufus of Wendland. Lady Amée Renée Cateline Marchand was admitted to the Order of the Harp Argent (for costuming), and Lord Gulliver Blackrune was made a companion of the Legion of Courtesy. General announcements were made by the autocrats, Lady Alys Meghan Cattewynne and the lord Cesare, who presented floral tributes to the monarchs and edibles to Her Excellency, Alinor Bellissima Montgomery, Baroness of Angels. The King scattered largesse to the crowd and the day's events could begin.

Lady Catharine Wyndsford ran the lists which were won by El Caballero Don Cristian del Leon Rampante. His lady wife not being present, the new knight was promptly crowned "King of the May" with the garland of daisies intended for his spouse--to the glee of His Majesty, himself a former champion of the Voyagers. But the first order of the day (after court) was the Voyagers' Turkey Leg Lunch. During a break in the fighting, Mistress Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg's gorgeously adorned Maypole was put to good use by an unusually determined band of dancers--they insisted on weaving and kissing even when the music was momentarily missing!

Sadly, there was no Body Looting this year. Although planned, this traditional sport had to be cancelled due to a peculiar reluctance on the part of the fighters present to be looted (we didn't think it got out of hand that much last year. . .)

Closing court saw Don Cristian declared the Voyagers' champion, and Awards of Arms given to Aonghus Lyndesay and Catriona Mairghread nic Aiath. It was noted that a very large contingent of children were present (Lord Roland was named Royal Pell as a result of his - er - contact with them). The Kingdom's two newest subjects were there. Lady Gwendolyn of Amberwood proudly showing off five-week-old Robert, and the lady Pamina two-week-old Christopher.

An unusually large company assembled in Dabney Hall for the potluck banquet, and the Occasional Consort sang five lively madrigals from the musicians' gallery before the evening's dancing commenced. Mistress Lavendar of Lorne (with assistance from Mistress Huette and Lord Peter Francis Christopher Michaels) saw to the schedule of dance. (Their Majesties essayed The Caidan Measure and Hole in the Wall, while a small bardic circle took place in the farther reaches of the hall, and the usual Cloved Lemon Tag ran folk ragged in Dabney Gardens.

Contest winners included the ladies Candace and Mariah for favor identification, the otherwise unidentified "Tom" for the Hat Toss (distance and accuracy), and a much surprised Baroness Alinor was made an honorary member of the "Order of the Voyager Dormant" as the most laidback personality present (her prize was four litres of her favorite tipple, Mountain Dew)!

Special thanks go to Lord Flavius and Lady Catherine, to Lord Gottfrid Liljebjorn, Lord Sebastian de Grey (Chirurgeon), Lord Gulliver Blackrune (Marshal) and his hardworking staff of heralds, to Mistress Huette for the Maypole, and to Charles de Troyes, Mike Roszak, Thierry Ingeniator, and Accolon o Caermyrddin who cooked. Robert of Castlebury served as Exchequer (we trust you collected a tidy sum, Robert!), and Samantha and Jeremy made themselves useful in various ways.

A good time was had by all; the company departed the site well fed, well entertained, and satisfactorily exhausted.

So so I, Lavendar of Lorne


If you have any photos from this event, please contact the Wiki Administrator at wiki@caid-commons.org

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