Uhtred Ivarsson

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Uhtred Ivarsson, Guard to HRM Tahira II
Resides: Naevehjem
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Uhtred device1.png
Per saltire vert and sable, a wolf's head erased and a bordure Or.

Uhtred entered the SCA about six months ago and has jumped in with both feet; working to know, grow, and train as much as he can. His passion and his spirit is contagious and his willing to work hard and develop to the benefit of himself and others is truly inspiring. He is a supplicant (novice/newcomer) of the Horsemen of Judgment Keep and under the tutelage of Alexander AEthelwulf.


Uhtred Ivarsson is a young Norse man who traveled far and wide when he was young, prior to settling in what was then known as Britannia. During his travels, he accompanied the men in their explorations and escapades along the western coats of the far Roman Empire; taking what they could but also re-establishing the culture and social order that once was prior to the submission under the Roman Empire. Through his witness and training, Uhtred grew to be a strong warrior; determined to bring glory and pride to his clan...until one day, he faced something he could himself could not overcome.

In the midst of a raid of a Roman military settlement, Uhtred encountered a unit unlike the rest of the legions he had encountered: armor as black as the night sky, warriors of feat, skill, and strength that took down the mightiest of his people, their armor of leather and metal scarred with what seemed to be a scarlet star, a cross of blood. Taken hostage by the unit centurion, he was taken back to their encampment that night to await his fate. But death showed no interest to him this night...nor did anyone else think to slay him either; for they spoke of his skill at fighting and how much of an asset he would be to their legion. After the centurions and prelates consulted amongst themselves, they gather into a meeting tent to advise the leader of the legion, the master of the house, on what to do with this Western heathen soldier. Coming out of the meeting tent, the leaders and the master approach the young captive and determine that if he is as good as he and others thought, then he would have no issue in putting his skill to the test.

It is now a matter of survival, and hard training, and proving his skill and mind to being the best. For most of his time, he fought in the arena entertaining the household, setting up, tearing down, carrying and cleaning the encampments, and being charged with waiting on, and being of service to, the master of the house. But while he has been of service to this house, he has found a family here. He has made companions and friends amongst the other fighters, leaders, servants, and more. And he hopes to one day be a leader, and fight along this army; this unit; this new family of his. And one day fight along side-by-side with his leader, Alexander.


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Event Staff

  • CAST - GWW 2019
  • Trash Crew - GWW 2019


Kingdom of Caid

Barony of Wintermist


  • 1/25/2020 - Unbelted Tournament - Egyptian Kyphi made with documentation attached