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Status: Active
Owner(s): Ariadne de Glevo


He is a 15.3hh bay Tennessee Walker gelding. His registered name is "Ladd's Credible Threat" foaled April 16, 2000. He is registered with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Assoc. (TWHBEA) and with the National Plantation Walking Horse Association (NPWHA). I rasied him from a foal hence he has no idea he's a horse...he thinks he's a dog and therefore deserves to sleep at the foot of my bed!

Color: Bay

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

Sex: Gelding

Age: 8

Home Territory: Altavia


  • NOT a horse: He’s actually a large dog in a horse costume!
  • Begs for treats and loves to have his tummy, chin, and ears scratched
  • Will bow, stick out his tongue, beg, or roll over for oatmeal cookies, carrots, or cheese sandwiches
  • Known for his smoooooth gaits and “look at me!” show-off personality
  • Nicknamed “Houdini of the Horse World” for his lock-picking, rope-untying, halter-slipping, gate-opening, and barn-remodeling talents
  • Favorite activities are Quintain, Jousting, and breaking & entering
  • Personal philosophy: If it doesn’t kill me, it must be edible.


  • 2005 NPWHA Regional Versatility Champion (Western Riding, English Saddle Seat Riding, Carriage Driving, Side-Saddle Riding, and Trail/Obstacle)
  • 2006 Altavia Baronial Champion for Bridget & Leartes
  • 2008 Great Western War Territorial Tournament 2nd runner up