The Widow's Hand

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The Widow's Hand is a gaming house run by Mealla Caimbeul. Many games are available, some of the house favorites are:

We strive for Pre-1650 entertainments. Please ask about one of the house favorites before starting a game of Yahtzee, Poker, Magic the Gathering, etc.

House Rules

  • This is an adult establishment. There is drinking, gambling, and sometimes R-rated language.
  • No Cheating or Outright Lying- Yes, it was done in history, let's leave it there.
  • No Plastic Please. This mostly refers to baubles. Wood, glass, metals, even resin are lovely, but the cheap mardi gras beads, foil backed rhinestones, and plastic coins are not as desired.
  • Table talk should be subtle. Hinting to your partner is welcome, announcing your hand, not so much.
  • Have fun