The Queen's March

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written for Pennsic War 2008, by Eilidh Swann

I am marching off to the warfield
I am serving Caid's Own Queen
With Swords and Arrows and Spears and Warshields
I am serving My Crescent Queen
Call and Response Verses

We march to Pennsic, Lillies, and Gulf Wars (echo) (alt local Caidan verse: We march to Pennsic, Highland, and Potrero)
We march to Estrella and Great Western War (echo)
With army, warband, sword, and shield (echo)
We march for our Queen 'til our enemies yield! (echo)

I am marching off to the warfield ... [CHORUS]

She's our True Love, our Great Queen (echo)
Her sword is burnished and Her arrows are keen (echo) (alt, for a non-fighting Queen: Our swords are burnished and our arrows are keen)
She sends me with my sword to the fight (echo)
I'll stand my ground with all of my might! (echo)

I am marching off to the warfield ... [CHORUS]

When I sing of my Queen's great beauty (echo)
All the angels agree with me (echo)
I'll fighter for Her to the end of my days (echo)
Until my enemies sing Her Praise! (echo)

I am marching off to the warfield ... [CHORUS]

When my Queen smiles, She lights up the sky (echo)
Great men weep and the Muses sigh (echo)
Wherever I wander, wherever I roam (echo)
When I see my Queen, I call that place home! (echo)

I am marching off to the warfield ... [CHORUS]


Since this song was penned for Her Majesty Mora, a renowed archer in heavy weapons combat on the war field, the 2nd line of the 2nd verse was specifically for Her. I intended that non-fighting queens would still feel honored that we fought for them, even if they were not also fighters and/or archers.

My thanks also go out to all the members of the Caidan Royal Camp, who helped me polish the lyrics, and debut the song on the war field.

Lyrics and Recordings