Starre and the Stone

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The Order of the Starre and the Stone is Altavia’s extraordinary service award.

It is awarded to holders of the Sable Fret who continue to provide extraordinary service and support to the Barony and (most importantly) throughout the Kingdom.

This is a polling order.

Started by Baron Duryn the Red and Baroness Ælfwyn Wodende in 1995 as the Estrella de Vida. Registered to Altavia as the Starre and the Stone in August of 1997.

The order went into hiatus after 2003, and was reactivated by Baron Cristofanus Castellani and Baroness Cecilia Medici in 2014.

Holders of the Starre and the Stone

Order Medallion

  • The medallion is handmade of leather with a stone in the center of a painted star.
  • The back of each medallion has an image of something specific to the recipient carved into it (usually an image from their device).
  • The medallion is 3.25 inches across.
  • The medallions from 1995 through 2003 were made by Baron Duryn the Red
  • The medallions from 2014 to 2016 are made by Dame Selene Colfox

STARRE.gif Duryn's medallions STARRE2.jpg Selene's medallions

Order Procedures

  • New members will be inducted at Altavia Yule each year, except for special circumstances that warrant induction at Anniversary (5/5/17)
  • New member votes will be carried by 66% (2/3) of the voting members (5/5/17)
  • Procedure votes will be carried by 51% of the voting members (5/5/17)