Sofia Biarnardottir

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Sofia at Queen Marisa's Festival of the Rose, 2016
Resides: Gallavally in Dreiburgen
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Ermine, on a bend between two hearts purpure three hearts palewise argent

Lady Sofia Biarnardottir is the daughter of Baron Beorn of the Northern Sea, OL, and Lady Ingrid Gerdesdottir. She started in the SCA at one month old (though truth be told, she secretly attended some number of events 'in utero' as it were). After attending as a small child, she went on to other interests before returning to the SCA in A.S. XLVIII. She currently sings, composes and recites poetry, and tells stories. While she loves the Viking era, she also has an affinity for Japanese culture and folklore.

Persona History

Offices & Positions

Event Staff


Music student to her father, Master Beorn of the Northern Sea

Dance student to her mother, Lady Ingrid Gerdesdottir

Classes Taught

Assorted Poems

"In A Heartbeat" - Crown List Poem for THL Adrien de Calais

Dread Adrien, lift up your mighty shield!

And buckle on your leather strapping true!

We all believe that you will never yield,

Good Martin's friendship never will fail you!

Sir Randvér is now facing you in war:

The victor, one step closer to the Crown.

The fallen is remembered in our lore.

The one still standing gaining more renown.

The great knight could not break through your defense.

Then suddenly the earth befouled your stance.

The members of the populace could sense,

Your fury as your foeman did advance.

Pay heed all! Know her spirit's stronger still.

Her mortal body failed her, not her will!

"Her Ladyship Courtney" - Crown List Poem for THL Courtney of the White Meadows

Her Ladyship Courtney, worker of threads and wielder of steel

Mother to Kora, guiding through grace, now woman grown

Bound fast to Guene, by rite and by love, this season past

Head and Heart, steerboard held strong through fair and foul weather

Crown arose, the fields were well chosen, but lists want for one

King Ozmund searched round for a person of merit

And spied noble Courtney preparing for battle

He led her by hand to the Line of the Worthies

Chosen to fight by the star-led Black Eagle

Did Jethro seek honorable combat that morn

Though she had a most chivalric pass on the list field

Jethro moved forward and our Courtney remained

Fate next chose Sir Halldórr, a knight of Caid

White belt 'gainst White Meadow, both Worthies they are

Steel clashed 'gainst steel, smiles shining in the sun

The Falcon wheeled-twice above the clouds of white

Hark! Crown has concluded, and the Heirs have been chosen

Weep not people of Caid for those lost in battle

Laugh instead for the victory of love and glory

Fear not, for fiery Courtney will fight in Crown once more!

"Baron Rudolph" - Crown List Poem for Baron Rudolph Fekter

Caid calls out for fighters brave and strong!

Our Baron Rudolph bravely heeds the call!

Though e'en the fallen will be praised in song,

The victor, our new king, alone stands tall!

As Rudolph bids farewell unto his bride

And venture out into the Crucible,

He faces wolves and ravens in his stride,

And waits in swirling sands for battle's lull.

And through the haze, there stood two Oaken Knights!

Sir Adam first defeats The Dragon-Born;

Then Oakenbear, the last of Rudolph's fights.

Though Rudolph fell... Caid! Fear not! Don't mourn!

Look forward to it, people of Caid!

Rudolph returns to fill the Crescents' need!



Things I Like

Salmon, good bread, cheese, berries, grapes, See's Chocolate-covered Marzipan.