San Bernardino Renaissance Festival 1977

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1977 SB Ren Faire 09B.jpg
San Bernardino Renaissance Festival 1977
Location: Dreiburgen
Perris Hill Park, San Bernardino
Date: 05/14-15/1977

Event Staff


Members of the Barony gave fighting demonstrations and a recorder concert and sold cornish pastries and lemonade. There was a medieval fashion show and seminars on heraldry, armoring, costume and mail-making.

From the Crown Prints


  • When Dreiburgen was still young, we were far from the vibrant populated baronies of Caid. We were considered "backwoods." And, a lot of us locals, the Baron and Baroness included, didn't have a lot of money, but we had big dreams. But, practically speaking, big dreams take money. So, when The San Bernardino Shakespeare Festival was asking for some folks to help them put on a Renaissance Festival, we jumped at it. They didn't pay us - it was their fundraiser after all, but we were allowed to do a demo and fundraiser at their event. It was a win-win. Baroness Alison was head of the Cooks' and Brewers' Guild and gathered everyone in the Barony into her kitchen (small house, big kitchen) to make Cornish Pasties. They were easy to make and we did this for several Fairs. Every baking session was a party, every pasty was a treat, so we made them for our own events as well. They became a kind of traditional Dreiburgen field lunch. In my memory, nearly every big event in Dreiburgen began the Wednesday night beforehand in Baroness Alison's kitchen. Happy, happy memories. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the big push on heraldic display also facilitated and encouraged by Baroness Alison; and the Dreiburgen Recorder Ensemble (and Markheim Consortium) led by Master Raoul the Urbane. ~Eadwynne of Runedun


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