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A nickname is often times given to (or adopted by) a new Caidan Rose after her stepping down. Often times Duchesses who reigned back to back did not get a county nickname, while some Ladies of the Roses have gained several nicknames. If you wish to have your nickname added (or deleted), please contact Duchess Natalya de Foix at

Nicknames for Caidan Roses

Adriana von Vogelsang

  • Duchess of Duality
  • Countess of Confusion

Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste

  • Countess of Couture
  • Countess of Horticulture

Amina de Talavera

  • The Grand-Mere Countess
  • The Comely Countess

Amsha al Sirhan

  • Country Countess
  • Stealthy Countess

Arianna ny Shane

  • Duchess of Devious
  • Duchess of Hospitality

Carynsa Leland of Roseberry

  • Countess of Cuisine

Catalina Oro Sol

  • Countess of Kiwi

Chamayn of Castile

  • Dark Duchess
  • Pin Up Duchess

Ciar Lasse MacGregor

  • Fairy God-Countess

Ealasaid nic Chlurain

  • Countess of Country Dance

Faizah al-Zarqa

  • Duchess of Dance
  • Peacock Duchess
  • Countess of Shimmy

Isabel Antonia de Aranjuez

  • Countess of Propriety

Karina de Elephantide

  • Elephant Countess
  • Naughty Countess

Kissa Irminwhit

  • Cruise Missile Countess

Kolfinna kottr

  • Duchess of Danger
  • Countess of Kick Ass

Leonora Morgana

  • Countess of Decorum

Lorissa du Griffin

  • The 5th Element

Natalya de Foix

  • Viper Duchess

Trifona Anastasiia Dodovicha

  • Countess of Curiosity

Tristana de Winter

  • The Intrepid Countess