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Resides: Barony of the Angels
Status: Inactive
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Or, goutty azure, a beavertail cactus [Opuntia basilaris] blossoming proper.

Lady Quiauxochitl


New World (Aztec)

Offices & Positions

  • Herald, Canton of Derryabarre (Angels), 09/07/1977 to ?

Event Staff

Projects & Publications


07/24/1976: Consort for the day, Hunt for the Chalice of St. Gunther. The victor was Sir Martin the Temperate who had carried Lady Quiauxochitl's favor and gifted her with a ring received as part of the winner's prize.


01/17/1976: 12th Night in Isles. Lady Quiauxochitl and Lord Auberon Cirin entered the traditional Costume Contest with Aztec attire. At dinner, the game hens were a bit undercooked, which prompted Lord Oberon to say, "It's bleeding" while Lady Quiauxochitl threatened to butcher the not-quite-dead fowl with a ceremonial obsidian knife. The rest of the meal was wonderful, despite the ovens going out and the potatoes needing to be cooked with "solar heat" (wrapped in aluminum foil and set against the wall of the building facing West.) Baroness Amadea da Strada Dragonessa did a masterful job under trying circumstances. -- Natalya

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