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The Potrero Scriptorium was an event organized by Valeria Cabrielli with help from Richenda Elizabeth Coffin with the goal of reducing or eliminating the scribal backlog using pre-prepared and hand-traced templates. The event was a massive success, beginning the process for over 100 backlog scrolls, many of which were completed at the event.

The scriptorium also enjoyed a party atmosphere with Avenel Kellough and ... providing food and drink.

On Facebook, Richenda reported,

Wow. I'm overwhelmed by the number of people that showed up to help Friday night, and kept returning throughout the War. As [Valeria Cabirelli] posted below, thanks to this whole shindig, we have traced scrolls for ALL of the AoA's on the backlog, and I think for the Harps and Dolphins too, although I haven't unpacked and counted yet. Most of them are partially painted, a few are done or almost done, and y'all rock!!! We're gonna do this again at GWW if it all works out, and there are now templates to paint at any scriptorium I'm at, so come on by and help some more! Thank you! (Facebook post to Caid College of Scribes group dated May 25, 2015 @ 2:07pm)

Valeria Cabrielli gave a detailed report:

2 solid days in the scriptorium trying out the the templates I threw together with help from Amanda and Ronan

Richenda and Thomas are amazing and while there's some fine tuning for this process in future here's what was accomplished:

Something on paper for every unassigned AoA level award on the backlog. Not all of them done, but some of them. All of them with designs down, and all but two of them with paint down. Many of them calligraphed.

Bottom line: it worked. There were about 30 volunteers there Friday night. Every light table was in use within the first 30 minutes.

People who, by their own admission had never done scribal arts and hadn't painted since high school turned out things that were perfectly respectable/nice looking.

Some of them seem to want to actually get involved in scribal arts outside of war, and a few of them have committed to the kingdom Scriptorium coming up in August.

Oh, and the Beast (White Scarf Scroll) is base painted thanks to two helpful minions from the West.

Eventually, there will be more templates from more time periods.

Thank you to everyone who came out to help at any point during Potrero. I could not be happier. (Facebook post to Caid College of Scribes group dated May 25, 2015 @ 8:07am)