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*Chamberlain: Duchess [[Faizeh al-Zarqa]]
*Chief Lady-in-Waiting:  
**Deputy Chamberlain: Duke [[Alexander Hostilius of Caid|Alexander Caidus]]
**Deputy Chief Ladies-in-Waiting:  
**Deputy Chamberlain: Baroness [[Fabia Varia]]
*Captain of the Guard:  
*Chief Lady-in-Waiting: Lady Issa Althea
**Lieutenant Captains of the Guard:  
**Deputy Chief Ladies-in-Waiting: Lady [[Batu Sechen Tsagaajin]], [[Layla bint Natronai]]
*Golden Rose Herald:  
*Captain of the Guard: THL [[Aurelius Optimus|Optimus Aurelion]]
**Lieutenant Captains of the Guard: Lord [[Reinholdt Jager Berg|Reinholdt Jäger Berg]], Lord [[Sauvage le brigand|Sauvage Le Brigand]] (Gestas)
*Golden Rose Herald: Baron [[Giles Hill of Sweetwater]]

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Pansa and Katherine at Crown Tournament
Sovereign: Sextus Furius Pansa
Consort: Katherine of Hornechurch
Caid Crown #: 86
Preceded by: Alexander II and Tahira II
Succeeded by: TBD

On March 7th, 2020, THL Sextus Furius Pansa, fighting for the honor of Baroness Katherine of Hornechurch, was victorious in Crown Tournament.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Pansa and Katherine's scheduled Coronation was canceled. After many months, they ascended to the throne in a virtual ceremony on January 9, 2021. A proper coronation will be held in due time, once the SCA resumes activities.


  • King's Champion: TBD
  • Equestrian: TBD
  • Armored: TBD
  • Rapier: TBD
  • Thrown Weapons: TBD
  • Archery: TBD
  • Arts & Sciences: TBD



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