Palazzo di Millefiori

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Founded: 2003
Status: Active
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The Palazzo is an Arts & Sciences household, with active members in Lyondemere, Altavia and Al-Sahid.


Originally founded by Ginevra da Cunha as the Venetian-themed household for members of Serenissima, the Palazzo was revived in 2012 by Cecilia Lightfoot as general A&S household with members involved in Bardic Arts, Costuming and other Fiber Arts, Brewing, Cooking, Pottery, Leatherworking, Carpentry and more!

Active Members

Past Members


In 2013, three members of the Palazzo (Angharat, Medb and Arianna) each completed a full Individual Pentathlon, with eleven 1st place rankings and three 2nd place rankings between them (see Results Pentathlon 2013).

In addition, Angharat and Iona were members of Team Lyondemere, which won the Team Pentathlon, with Cecilia as team leader.


Sto Sior el Paga par Tuto.