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Never Ever Give Up

The following is a request from Rebbe Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi regarding this wonderful organization:

In the SCA we have a group of Peers known as Pelicans, who go above and beyond their service to Kingdom and Crown, and they symbol of this peerage is a Pelican piercing her breast to feed her young.

In our own way, all of us who participate are Pelicans as well. The SCA is known for helping those in need, as attested in the recent disaster in Oklahoma. But here in Caid, we are also known for helping foundations who help others. We have had our Make-a-Wish Tourneys, our Annual Pink Ribbon Tourney for Breast Cancer, and recently several of our members participated in the AIDS Walk.

Here is my request of Caidans:

Several months ago, I heard on the radio about a wonderful, courageous young lady named Jessie Rees. Here is Jessie's story:

Jessie was a beautiful, athletic ( she was a junior olympian swimmer), smart and compassionate 12 year old girl who bravely fought two brain tumors (DIPG) for ten months and two days. On January 5, 2012 Jessie earned her angel wings. She loved God with all of her heart and trusted Him with her illness. She is fully alive and cancer free in heaven now.

During her courageous fight, Jessie noticed the effects that the loneliness and seclusion of having cancer had on other kids fighting. She wanted to share her feelings of hope, joy, and love with them and chose to focus on spreading this positive attitude through her JoyJars®. JoyJars® have now become a recognized symbol of hope, joy and love.

Jessie’s motto was to NEGU (Never Ever Give Up). This message of hope, strength and perseverance has made its way around the world inspiring both young and old to stay strong and reach for your goals.

The website for NEGU is, and you can go there to find out more information about Jessie and the NEGU foundation.


Okay, so what are JoyJars and what am I asking of you?

One day after her chemotherapy treatment, Jessie was on her way home with her parents. She felt badly, not for herself, but for the children who couldn't go home and had to stay in the hospital. She raised the question to herself and her parents " What can I do to help the other kids?" On arriving home, she went about gathering small toys and goodies, then decorated and filled a jar with them, taking it to the hospital with her the next time she went. Thus the JoyJars were born.

JoyJars now are delivered to children in more than 200 hospitals, 175 Ronald McDonald Houses, and 15 countries. They are filled with toys and activities for boys and girls under the age of 18, and are 100% free to these patients. NEGU is supported by Olympians, professional athletes, musicians and celebrities, Last year over 300,000 JoyJars were delivered.

Obviously this doesn't happen by itself, so here is where you come in. I am collecting small toys for NEGU to put in these jars. Everything from crayons and coloring books, to small stuffed animals, teething rings, small jewelry and games that will fit in these 64 oz.jars. They don't have to be time you are planning a party, go down the aisle where they have the toys for goodie bags and grab a package of games. One 10 game package means 10 joy jars get a game.

When you see me at an event, you can pass on what you have collected, or give the items to any one from Dun Or to pass to me. I feel that this is a way we can ALL be Pelicans, and help support this organization and sick children everywhere.

Yours in Service to Caid, the SCA and children everywhere,

Rebbe Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi

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