Michele du Chinon

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Michele du Chinon
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Drieburgen
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Michele du Chinon passed away on 01/19/2010. He is survived by his wife, Lady Anne de Vere of Brittany.


From Lady Anne deVere of Brittany -

My husband of 25 years, Michele du Chinon (pronounced "shee-no"), was killed in a truck rollover accident on the morning of January 19th, 2010. Michele (AKA Paul) is remembered here by long time friend and co-worker, Greg Thompson, from Transamerica Insurance Data Processing:

Paul was a friend of ours out at Faire. Also, he worked (with me) at Transamerica for many, many years as a data center Print Systems Analyst before being laid off as part of a corporate takeover back in 2002. He was a gentle-man, he loved Shakespeare, books, games. He was kind to children, a fair swordsman, chivalrous to women and loyal to his wife (Erin) of 25 years. He loved the stage, and a good bit at Queen’s Court or with visitors. He was one of us. Paul and Erin celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at our Christmas party last month, with a cake and amongst our mutual friends.

Fighting and Fencing

Michele was a heavies fighter some 15 years ago, but did not go far with it. He wanted to, but real life (and sometimes the heat) got in the way. However, he had been a saber fencer for well over 30 years, so little could hold him back from SCA rapier. With Michele, it was always about playing the game, never about winning. Sure he wanted to win as much as anybody, but being in the winning tugboat could be enough. When he got stabbed, he'd let out a big "Argh!" but you just know he was smiling ear to ear beneath his mask.

He loved fencing will all the rapier fighters in Caid, and while he never won a tourney on his own, he was once gifted with 2 embroidered Caid Crosses for being the most chivalrous fighter on the field that day. He was also gifted with a bottle of peach juice for being in that winning tugboat.

Favorite Loves

Michele loved blue. He loved a well-balanced rapier and his tall black boots. He loved our 5 (now 2) cats. He loved spending almost every New Years Eve with our friends Mistress Kelebek & Lord Rajid ibn Hanna of Isles. He loved our mountain home. He loved history and trivia, and would always share them - even when folks tried to hint like crazy that they didn't need a lesson at the moment. He loved strategic games, and would even play them by himself after we had moved away from the local gaming club. He was a twisted DM, and once - when asked how the game went - replied, "Great. I killed the entire party."

Michelle loved to smile, though he was not a huge "laugher". He did not guffaw but he always grinned. He told me that when he passed, he wanted all his friends to come together and throw a party. He wanted no sad faces, and wanted only the best for everyone he met. It's very hard to find someone who has absolutely no agenda, but Michele was one of the rare ones.


Michele would want everyone to leave their memories. Please do!

From Andrés Miguel Rodriguez de la Rosa

When I first met Michele and he introduced himself, I thought he was introducing his lady (Michelle, but her name is Anne). It takes a real man (or someone who's trying to be period) to have Michele as a name.

Michele always had the SCA in his heart. He was a joy to fight and fun be around. It will be at a loss without him being around.

Now that he's gone before us, he can pave the way with the other souls we have lost. Michele, I look forward to seeing you again when I am done.

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