Marcus Mulcahy

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Resides: Altavia
Status: Deceased
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Marcus passed away on November 15, 2007 from complications of glioblastoma. He died peacefully, surrounded by family and friends (we overflowed the waiting room and the corridor.)

He is survived by his ladywife Sárnat ingen meic Caille.

Tree of Life Charms

Many of Markus' and Sa'rnat's friends and family carried a Tree of Life charm to support both of them in his fight against brain cancer.

"The tree of life's roots reach down into the nurturing soil, and up to the vastness of the sky. Providing all with a sturdy support, and a sheltering canopy.

As you carry this token with you, know that Mark and Denise, their family, and friends are all carrying similar tokens. As a physical reminder to Mark and Denise that we're all connected to form a tree of life, and love, and support for them."


Marcus had 3 Crown Prints covers published, and designed a masthead for Altavia's newletter The Fret Knot.

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Thank you from Sárnat ingen meic Caille

Thank you to all of our wonderful friends who shared their thoughts, their love, and themselves with us during Mark's illness, and who have continued to show such kindness to me since his passing.

The SCA was a new passion for Mark, but during his time with us he reconnected with some old friends and made many new friends. He enjoyed the ability to share his artwork and his love of art with a knowledgeable and appreciative group.

Thank you to all who have carried our tree of life tokens, sent cards, called, cared, and loved. Words can not express how important your thoughts, words, and gestures have been.

Thank you to the anonymous SCA donors who sponsored 5 trees to be planted in Mark's name in the fire damaged areas! This is work he would have applauded, and a very fitting way to remember him.

Marcus Mulcahy (Mark Radcliffe) 11/6/55 to 11/15/07

From Bridget Lucia MacKenzie

Marcus Mulcahy (mka Mark Radcliffe) will be sorely missed. He valiantly fought disease and injury with the ferocity of a Corvus Shieldman. His artwork graced the Crown Prints, the Altavian Fret Knot and other SCA publications. He was supportive of his ladywife, Sa'rnat, as she participated in many adventures in the SCA including garb-making and attending royal & baronial courts. He was kind, smart and quite a quick wit! I keenly feel Sa'rnat's loss and mourn with her. Though I am glad you are no longer in pain, I am so sorry you are gone, Marcus!

From Alys Chauntrey

I used to work with Mark a long time ago (at a place called Key Item Sales, where he was the shipping manager), and worked with his daughters Sarah and Jenny in another youth organization. I was glad to get in touch with Mark again through SCA, and I'm so sorry to hear of his passing.

I met up with Mark again at an Altavia Principality Tournament, and got to meet Sa'rnet. I'm glad at least they were happy for a while, and I'm glad he was able to reconnect with old friends in the SCA.

Mark was drawing on pretty much everything, even back then. I can't tell you how sorry I am that we won't have benefit of his talent.

From Morgaine FitzStephen and Jason Thomas the Wanderer

We wish to express our sincere condolences to not only Sa'rnat and family, but to all their friends who have sent so much healing energy and given of themselves to help during this time.

May the joys of memory in the end outweigh the sorrows of loss.