Los Saxons

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Rieslingshire was home to a group of lads who sported biker-style denim garb with "Los Saxons" on their backs. Their melee skills were well-honed, as was their ability to enliven a revel or bardic circle.

Los Saxons Colors (recreated)

Members included:


  • I rather liked these gregarious guys. A lot of people didn't. For many, their use of denim with their "Los Saxons" colors on the back disturbed the atmosphere of serious period medievality. I'm pretty sure the Celts of Britain thought the Saxons who came to Britain were similarly culturally disruptive, so it could be argued that there was a certain cultural analogy. But Los Saxons embraced their "disruptive" and not-too-serious personae. After visiting a local event, Mistress Alison laughingly dubbed them, "Los Saxon Lords," remembering the movie, "The Lords of Flatbush," which came out a few years earlier. At another event there was a pie auction. Many serious bakers put a lot of effort into baking historically researched period pies and they were very proud of them. Los Saxons bid on and won a number of these pies and then proceeded to throw them at each other in a pie fight. The reception of this action was... mixed. One has to admire a Society broadminded enough to give home to those who would meticulously research and bake period pies, and those who would gleefully throw them at each other. ~ Eadwynne of Runedun