La Caverna Ursa

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La Caverna Ursa
Founded: 2023
Status: Active
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Heraldry Needed

La Caverna Ursa is an SCA household and art collective. Themed as a late 16th Century Theater Company with both Elizabethan and Golden Age Iberian influences. This is a place for performers, courtesans, stage hands, and all other theater folk to both rest and hone their craft. Founded by three former respectable sailors, Senor Arasibo Salgado, Otamr of Oertha, and Byron Brawnstone. As was common in period theater in coastal cities.

  • Sobriquets: Siren’s Keep. The Stargarden. Cuarto Verde (Green Room).
  • Theme: Late 16th Century Theater Company.
  • Focus: Bardic, Arts & Sciences, and Hospitality.


Señor Arasibo Salgado
Creative Director

Otamr of Oertha
Technical Director

Byron Brawnstone
Executive Director

First Season

Common Era 2023-2024

2023 Events

  • Arts in Park

Hosted an open stage and display for the Calafia Bardic Guild.

  • Summer Caid Coronation

Watched Wilhelm and Lorissa be Crowned.
Arecibo’s Apprentice Ceremony with Mistress Mary.

  • Calafia Anniversary

Shared news of the new household with friends in the Barony of Calafia.
Watch Gamyl and Danyel step down and Asa & Thor step up.

  • Winter Arts

Ran the display table for the Calafia Bardic Guild.
Arecibo participated in Bard of Caid and Bard of Calafia.
Laudie’s debut arts event.
Adeezba was the Autocrat for the event.
Made a date with Mistress Thea for a crafting day
Debuted period historical Tarot education by Otamr and Byron with Duke Wilhelm.

2024 Events

  • 12th Night & Winter Coronation

Coronation of Sir Trygg and Lady Mercy as Monarchs of Caid.
12 Night gift exchange.


As of Potrero May War Common Era 2024, the Caverna Ursa has acquired roughly 40 Patrons and 5 company members.

Patrons are defined by the Directors as someone who has attended one or more events with the company in the past year. La Caverna Ursa’s patrons in the Kingdom of Caid, are a mixture of Newcomers, longtimers, and everything in between.

Nobel Adeezbaa
Vesna Sarick
Laudie Dieulafoy
Duchess Ariela
Mistress Mary
Charles O'Dune