If it Weren't for the SCA I'd never...

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Caidans on Facebook were asked to tell us, "If it Weren't for the SCA I'd never..."


From Alice Tredewell

If it wasn't for the SCA, I'd never have learned that I could sew a garment without a pattern. (It took me 40 years of sewing to realize that!).

From Aliskye Rosel

If it wasn't for the SCA, I'd never have gotten into painting. I'd never have developed an interest in the amazing art of illuminated manuscripts, or painted on vellum, with paints that I made from scratch, tried cutting a quill or making a paintbrush. I'd never have visited a number of museums with manuscript collections (well, I might have, but I would have skipped the manuscript rooms :) I'd never have had the courage to show my art to an audience or speak in front of a crowd the size our our coronations in praise of my fellow scribes. Thank you, SCA!


From Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux

Well, let's see. I'd never have learned embroidery, counted cross-stitch, bargello, gold laid work or to sew at all. I'd never have learned court OR country dancing. I'd never have learned how to swing a sword, plan a battle, or make armor. I'd never have made feasts for 300 people. I learned more about history than I ever did in college. I bought way more books than I probably would have

There are people I'd never have met that I count as family, and that would have been the biggest loss.

From Lachlan of Cromarty

...I'd never have had an occasion worthy of an occasional roll.


From Sarah Minet

...would never have learned insular miniscule, run a coronation, helped people design heraldry, been fed by a king, or married my amazing husband of 20 years.


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